Virginia Beach
June 2-4, 2023

5 d 8 h 5 m 10 s





A 3 day vibrant festival renowned for its unique atmosphere, the quality of the athletes competing in high adrenaline action sports such as skateboarding, bouldering, FMX and BASE jumping etc…  JACKALOPE is the ultimate gathering of Canada’s action sport communities, bringing together top athletes and professionals in the featured sports as well as enthusiasts and curious. This thrilling festival hosts world-class competitions and demonstrations by world-renowned skateboarders, BASE jumpers, breakdancers and boulderers.

In addition to all the things to see, there is also a multitude of things to do like shopping in the pop up shops, savoring our coastal flavors at local restaurants, experiencing surf sessions with our surf community, or chilling in the beer garden enjoying live music on the beach. Great times to share with friends and-or family.

Is JACKALOPE Virginia Beach free?


Where does the JACKALOPE Virginia Beach take place and how do I get there?

June 2-4, 2023 near Neptune Park, Virginia Beach. From Montreal, by car, plane, bus or train.

What can I bring to JACKALOPE Virginia Beach?

– One (1) empty plastic or reusable water bottle (water fountains on site)
– Your lunch
– Small backpacks and purses (all bags will be searched)
– Sunscreen (except in flammable spray cans)
– Digital cameras (except professional cameras with lenses larger than 2.5″ or any other removable lens)
– Disposable cameras
– Strollers
– Your board


Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and his friends are coming to Virginia Beach for JACKALOPE on June 3rd

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After an incredible demo last summer in Montreal, get ready for an unforgettable show that will take place this time in the United States! Skateboard legend comes to Virginia Beach JACKALOPE Virginia Beach will host one of the best skateboarders in the world, Tony Hawk! Considered the godfather of…

Everything you need to know about the bouldering competition on the beach !

March 15, 2023 / By audreane

Climbing on the Beach Some competitions take place over water, but few are held on a Virginia beach. The Send It Gym team and Jeff Eckert will be hosting this outdoor climbing event, which will be divided into two interesting parts: a high-level competition and one adapted for all adrenaline…

Everything you need to know about skateboarding competition at Jackalope Virginia Beach!

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A first in Virginia Beach For more than 10 years, the JACKALOPE festival has been getting stronger and stronger, and the latest edition in 2022 was fabulous. We even won an award! We’re raising the bar and this time, JACKALOPE will take place on the beach in Virginia Beach! Exciting,…

A golden opportunity: skydive and land directly on the beach at JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH

March 15, 2023 / By jean

One of the most extreme activities Skydiving is without a doubt one of the most exciting and extreme activities out there. For thrill seekers, the Jackalope Virginia Beach and Skydive Suffolk offers you a unique experience, a breathtaking skydiving experience for its first edition. A moment of pure adrenaline…