Fueling Dreams: The Recyclable Water Bottle Supporting JACKALOPE Athletes

May 31, 2024 / By cecilia

Our mission has always been the same: To promote action sports by giving their communities from all over the world opportunities to come together, celebrate their passion, and reach new heights.

Participating in JACKALOPE is a unique opportunity to skate with some of the best pro skaters in the world, to share memorable moments of closeness, and to show the rest of the world what you are capable of. Everyone has a chance, and anything is possible. This is THE Festival where legends are born and grow.

Your purchase of a JACKALOPE reusable water bottle helps us in our mission to achieve ambitious dreams and change the destinies of young talents around the world, and we thank you for that.

2024, the hunt for talent has begun!

For over 10 years, our teams have traveled to sporting events and distant territories to give young talents the chance to experience JACKALOPE and compete against renowned pro skaters. In 2024, 8 Golden Tickets have already been distributed through our initiatives, and the list will grow.

The talents who won their Golden Ticket for JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH:

Lazer Crawford > Tampa Am
Jeromy Green > Banger in the hangar
Nicholas Ramos > Tanner Jam
Paige Heyn > Exposure

This year, we had the opportunity to take our initiative even further: in collaboration with Mike Boisvert AKA Skate Nomad, in his mission to travel the world and discover spots and athletes worldwide, we had the chance to push our talent search further in Asia and Australia.

4 talents will make their way to JACKALOPE Mississauga:

Kenji > Philippines
Orapan > Thailand
Mia > Australia
Surprise Guest > US


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2025, destination South America

The adventure is just beginning. In 2025, Skate Nomad will fly to South America in search of hidden talents who deserve their place on the international stage. For each bottle, we keep $1 contributed to a fund reserved for this initiative. Thank you for your purchase!

To suggest talents we should meet > [email protected]

To help us finance the initiative > [email protected]