Virginia Beach

JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH 2024: Highlights of the bouldering, basejump and skimboard comps

June 13, 2024 / By yann

JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2024 was one for the books. We still feel the good vibes of intense adrenaline and passion and we are ready to tell you all about one of the craziest weekends in the event’s history. It has to be said that the location is especially appropriate,with…

JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH 2024: Highlights of the Skateboard Competitions

June 11, 2024 / By vanessa

Greetings to all festival-goers, athletes, and partners, What a ride JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2024 has been! Your enthusiasm and energy made it truly unforgettable. This year marked our second venture onto the beach, and boy, did we make waves. 🌊 With a staggering attendance of 47,016 from Friday to…

Fueling Dreams: The Recyclable Water Bottle Supporting JACKALOPE Athletes

May 31, 2024 / By cecilia

Our mission has always been the same: To promote action sports by giving their communities from all over the world opportunities to come together, celebrate their passion, and reach new heights. Participating in JACKALOPE is a unique opportunity to skate with some of the best pro skaters in the…

All You Need to Know: ARC’TERYX x JACKALOPE Summer of Climb

May 30, 2024 / By vanessa

What is the SOC Boston Event? Get ready for a 1- day celebration of all things climbing at the Boston Bouldering Project in partnership with Arc’teryx! From an epic bouldering competition with $10,000 in cash prizes and a unique vendor village to live DJ’s and local food vendors,…

Everything You Need to Know About Skateboarding Competition at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach!

May 29, 2024 / By vanessa

Ahoy, matey! Avast ye! We be settin’ sail for Virginia Beach for the 2nd round o’ JACKALOPE, and the excitement’s brewing! Picture this: a shiny new skatepark with a swashbucklin’ pirate vibe. And guess what? Our first-ever VERT CONTEST is making its debut – talk about thrill! Plus, there be…

Vendors to see at JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH 2024

May 23, 2024 / By admin

A little desire to crack on a souvenir of JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2024? We made the list of pop up shops that you will find at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2024 Festival to give you a taste of what to expect before May 31st. 1. Coastal Edge Coastal Edge…

Everything You Need to Know About the Bouldering Competition on the Beach

May 22, 2024 / By vanessa

While some competitions occur over water, few are as unique as those held in Virginia Beach. Led by the Send It Gym team and co-owner Jeff Eckert, a renowned route setter, this outdoor climbing event offers a distinctive experience. It’s split into two captivating segments: a high-level competition and…

Jackalope Virginia Beach, Fueled by Monster Energy

May 17, 2024 / By vanessa

Get hyped for JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2024, fueled by Monster and made possible by their relentless energy! This event is all about extreme sports, crazy contests, and good vibes. From mind-blowing competitions to Monster Energy BMX team demos, topped off with an epic rooftop after-party, get ready for…

WCS 30th Anniversary—Danielle Bostick Interview

May 13, 2024 / By yann

Danielle Bostick and her husband Don Bostick (member of the Skateboard Hall of Fame) are the founders of World Cup Skateboarding and organizers of many legendary skateboarding contests since 1994. These include Vancouver’s Slam City Jam, Prague’s Mystic Cup, the Dew Tour, the…

WCS 30th Anniversary—Steve & Kristy Van Doren Interview

May 8, 2024 / By vanessa

Buckle up for a journey through skate culture with the Van Dorens, from game-changing moves in skateboarding to fun stories. Our recent conversation with Steve and Kristy takes us deeper into moments of the collaborative magic between Vans and World Cup Skateboarding that has shaped this vibrant world.


May 6, 2024 / By vanessa

Visit Mississauga will host the JACKALOPE action sports festival for the first time ever from July 12 to 14, 2024 at Mississauga’s Celebration Square and Square One Shopping Centre. JACKALOPE will return to Mississauga in 2025 and 2026. Thrill-seeking audiences will be treated to free, adrenaline-filled urban programming…

Top 6 Things to Do on Your Visit to Virginia Beach

May 3, 2024 / By audreane

Our friends in Virginia Beach gave us a rundown on what to do on your next trip to Virginia Beach. 👇 Virginia Beach is unlike any other coastal destination. During your visit for the JACKALOPE weekend, we invite you to extend your stay in order to fully experience what the…
food trucks Virginia Beach 2023

Food Trucks to Try at JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH 2024

May 1, 2024 / By vanessa

Here is the list of food trucks you should try at the JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH 2024 festival from May 31st to June 2nd   1. Rio Good Food  A craving for tacos, quesadillas, hot dogs with a little Brazilian touch in each bite.

What to Drink at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach

April 29, 2024 / By audreane

Discover the special selection of beverages offered by our partners at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach. Whatever your favorite drink is, you’ll find one to suit your tastes and desires! Here’s an overview of each of the beloved brands Michelob Ultra is a low-calorie, low-carb light beer…

Where to Stay in Virginia Beach

April 26, 2024 / By vanessa

Our friends at Virginia Beach have unearthed the best spots for your stay in the sun. Here are the best spots to stay for your next trip to Virginia Beach. In Virginia Beach, we want you to feel at home, and that means finding accommodations that meet your…

Mia K: A Skateboarding Star in the Making

April 20, 2024 / By mathilde

Meet Mia K, a 9-year-old skateboarder from Australia whose love for skateboarding has led her to win our third golden ticket from Mike Boisvert, The Skate Nomad! Guess what? Now, she’s all set to rock the Vert contest at JACKALOPE Mississauga. Mia’s vibe is all about fun,…

WCS 30th Anniversary—PLG Interview

April 16, 2024 / By vanessa

Being a pro skateboarder is marked by many unforgettable moments—some awesome, some downright gnarly. For Pierre-Luc Gagnon, aka PLG, many of these moments happened during World Cup Skateboarding events and we got him to talk about some of them. Here’s a rundown, with the top 5 moments that…

WCS 30th Anniversary—Dave Duncan Interview

April 3, 2024 / By vanessa

The Voice of Skateboarding In the world of skateboarding, few voices resonate as loudly as that of Dave Duncan. His infectious energy and genuine passion for the sport have made him a beloved figure in the skateboarding community. Beyond his impressive skills on a board, he’s been out there…

WCS 30th Anniversary—Greg Lutzka Interview

March 19, 2024 / By vanessa

The Game-Changing Moment Imagine this: A young skater from cold Milwaukee, Wisconsin, arrives in Dortmund, Germany, for the Globe World Cup Championship in 2003. That skater was none other than Greg Lutzka, skating for Illenium skateboards at the time, and what unfolded next changed the trajectory of his…

Orapan Arwen Tongkong แป้ง : ‘the skateboarding is my lifeline’

March 8, 2024 / By mathilde

Meet Orapan Tongkong, the second Golden Ticket for JACKALOPE Mississauga. In this exclusive interview, Orapan shares her remarkable journey through the world of skateboarding, from her humble beginnings to the profound impact this sport has had on her life. ✈ Can you tell us a bit…

Mike Boisvert: The Skater Nomad, YouTuber

February 26, 2024 / By mathilde

Dive into the exhilarating world of skateboarding with Mike, a modern-day adventurer in search of the world’s most talented skateboarders who’s journey transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. ✈ Could you tell us a little about yourself and your journey in skateboarding? I started skateboarding at…


February 22, 2024 / By jacquelinedavis

Age: 10 Hometown: Montreal,Quebec Instagram: @adeline.kerry    Dance is a unique art form in that it holds centuries of history and expresses so much about the human condition, our various cultures, our range of emotions, without using spoken language. In a sense you could say dance is…

Matthew Rodriguez: One of Canada’s up-and-coming youth in bouldering

January 12, 2024 / By zoebeauchemin

Sport: Bouldering + Lead Age: 19 years old Origin city: Toronto, ON Ranking: 5 th in Bouldering in Canada Instagram: @matthew_w.r Despite having fewer years of competition, he has already seen big success. Coming in 3rd place in Lead and 6th place in Bouldering Nationals…

Kalani Ferolino: Rising Star in Transition Skateboarding

November 30, 2023 / By jacquelinedavis

Stance: Regular Age: 14 Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia Global Rank: 319th in park; 237 in vert Instagram: @lani_757 Sponsors: Coastal Edge, Lineage Skate, Centaur Hawaii, RipPak, Old Bones Therapy, RHIP CLIP, Listen to Turtle, Zsk8tz Credits:…

Christine Cottam: Jackalope Champion, & Urban Artist

November 15, 2023 / By jacquelinedavis

Stance: Regular Age: 18 Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona Global Rank: 22nd in women’s street Instagram: @christinemcottam Sponsors: Nike Skateboarding, Meow Skateboards, S1 Helmets, Bones Wheels, Rock Star Bearings, Jarritos, Krux Trucks, Gater Skins Ramps, Spinellis Skate…

Collin Graham: the child prodigy of Virgina Beach

October 24, 2023 / By yann

Position : Regular Age : 26 ans Hometown : Virginia Beach, Virginia. Instagram : @Collingraham Sponsors: Embassy skateboards, Wave riding vehicles surfshop, Speed lab Wheels, Ace trucks, 187 killer pads, Merge4 socks, Jarritos, Skeleton key clothing Collin Graham isn’t your typical skater. Firstly, he’s a vert…

Derek SCOTT: the multidisciplinary pro skateboarder committed to his community

October 19, 2023 / By yann

Position : Goofy Age : 26 ans Hometown : Salida CO USA Instagram : @Derekscott Sponsors : ATM skateboards, SayIwont clothing, Acid chemical co, 187 pads, old bones, guayaki, triple 8, lost points. Derek Scott is an excellent skateboarder, and those who follow Jackalope events have come to…


October 2, 2023 / By jacquelinedavis

Stance: Regular Age: 10 Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia USASA Ranking: 4th overall in grom snowboarding Instagram : @JB2supergrom Sponsors : Grom USA, Never Summer Industries, Aipa Surf, Buell Surf, Coastal Edge Surf Shop, Vans, Zero’s Subs Oceanfront,…

Reese Nelson & the Collective Evolution of Vert Skateboarding

September 13, 2023 / By jacquelinedavis

Stance: Regular Age: 10 Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Status: Global AM Global Rank, Women’s Vert Skateboarding: 4th Instagram: @reese_nelson Sponsors: Birdhouse Skateboards, Adidas Skateboarding, Independent Trucks, Volcom, Bones Wheels, Triple 8, 187 Killer Pads, Jessup Reese…

JACKALOPE Montreal 2023: A successful return to our roots 

September 12, 2023 / By yann

Dear festival-goers, athletes and partners, for this 2023 edition of JACKALOPE, you were numerous, you were on fire and you were perfect. It was a return to our roots, with free access, a more centralized site and programming more focused on JACKALOPE’s core disciplines. As a result,…

Skategoat is the nicest ambidextrous all terrain skater in the world 

August 24, 2023 / By yann

Léandre Sanders is a friendly 26-year-old Californian who is unique for several reasons. He is a force of nature who rides fast and jumps high. The man nicknamed Skategoat can handle high transitions from bowls to handrails and street modules. Versatile skaters are less rare than they…

A Jackalope festival… recycled!

August 24, 2023 / By jackalopefest

When you’re drinking a soft drink, it never occurs to you that the container you’re holding in your hands could be used to make your favourite board or bouldering holds? or block grips? But it’s true. Aluminium cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles are much more precious…

RAGERS: live show at JACKALOPE Montréal 2023

August 22, 2023 / By yann

Exciting news for the Montreal-based quartet, Ragers, as they are gearing up for the release of Missed Calls from Home, a 10-track LP due out on September 29th, 2023. As a preview, the band will be playing an exclusive show at the JACKALOPE on the skatepark on…

Will Charles Barron win a third title in a row?

August 18, 2023 / By yann

Charles Barron is a climber with the wind in his sails, having won the last two editions of the JACKALOPE, in Montreal in 2022 and Virginia Beach in 2023, in between taking part in Olympic qualifying events.   The young mechanical engineer grew up in…


August 16, 2023 / By jean

We’re delighted to announce the addition of Breaking to the JACKALOPE Montreal 2023 program! On Saturday 26 August between 5 and 6pm, breaking’s best dancers will come together to offer a true demonstration of the very essence of hip-hop culture. In a “7…

Pedro Barros announces carnage in the bowl

August 8, 2023 / By jean

A guest of honor at this year’s Jackalope, Pedro Barros may only be 28, but he’s already a legend in Brazil and internationally. A world champion, he has won numerous trophies and medals at major competitions, including a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

DESJARDINS relaxation zone and obstacle course

August 2, 2023 / By jean

Dive into a family adventure with the Desjardins obstacle course! A fun experience that will bring together all generations for moments of pure shared happiness! At the heart of this physically challenging course, adults will take on their children to prove that they’ve lost none…

Kanya Sesser, an inspiring and badass athlete

August 1, 2023 / By yann

Kanya Sesser is badass like few others on this planet. She has always been different, she has always had a lot of energy. Nothing could stop her from becoming an international athlete and model! She embodies boldness, so it is going to be great to see her…

Arc’teryx focuses on bouldering accessibility!

August 1, 2023 / By jean

As a proud official partner of the bouldering competition, Arc’teryx is committed to making this exciting discipline accessible to everyone through our initiation wall. Bouldering experts will be on hand to guide festival-goers through the best techniques of this hugely popular sport. The wall will…

GURU gives you access to an incredible view!

August 1, 2023 / By jean

Hey, have you got your VIP pass for Jackalope Montreal? If so, you’re privileged to have access to the GURU X JACKALOPE Zone, nestled between the two Festival sectors.   Just imagine, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the bouldering and skateboarding competitions, with the pro athletes at your…

Pabst closer to the Vans skatepark

August 1, 2023 / By jean

Come and live the Vans skatepark experience to the full thanks to Pabst! Take the time to enjoy this unique opportunity by watching the skateboarders having fun while enjoying a free bite to eat and sipping a delicious cold beer in the friendly atmosphere of the Pabst…


August 1, 2023 / By jean

Like every year, JACKALOPE launches its JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY summer tour, amateur competitions across Canada, to find the country’s best skateboarders and invite them to take part in the Montreal JACKALOPE Festival. After two editions in Leduc last June, then Terrebonne at the…


July 13, 2023 / By jean

Like every year, JACKALOPE launches its JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY summer tour, amateur competitions across Canada, to find the best skateboarders in the country and invite them to take part in the Montreal JACKALOPE Festival. After a first stop in western Canada, in Leduc last…

JACKALOPE Montreal 2023, an improved concept for the skateboard competition and lots of new features

July 6, 2023 / By admin

It’s a great pleasure to announce the 11th Jackalope skateboard competition this year in Montreal, with many new features to ensure the best possible show. We travel the world and stay on the lookout for all the innovations to help advance the sport and give the…

All you need to know about the bouldering competition at JACKALOPE Montreal 2023

July 6, 2023 / By admin

We have a confession to make. One year on, we’re still reeling from the spectacle of last year’s competition, where organizers, participants and festival-goers alike showed their solidarity and enthusiasm. You can’t change a winning formula, so keep up the energy and discover the 2023 program.


July 6, 2023 / By jean

Like every year, JACKALOPE launches its JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY summer tour, amateur competitions across Canada, to find the country’s best skateboarders and invite them to take part in the Montreal JACKALOPE Festival. To kick off the tour, the first 2023 event was held in LEDUC,…

Book your hotel for the MONTREAL 2023 JACKALOPE Festival

July 6, 2023 / By jean

LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO STAY DURING JACKALOPE? WE’VE PUT TOGETHER A LIST OF HOTELS WHERE YOU CAN STAY! If so, we’ve got just the place to make sure your experience lives up to your expectations.   Hotel Universel Montréal located right next to…

Pop up shops to see at JACKALOPE MONTREAL 2023

July 6, 2023 / By jean

We’ve put together a list of the pop-up shops you’ll be able to see at the Montreal 2023 Festival between now and 25-27 August. 1. Blu Element Worried about your phone falling out during a skate shoot at the Festival? Blu Element will be there to provide you with a…

Dope DJ Sets for the MONTREAL 2023 JACKALOPE Festival

July 5, 2023 / By jean

This year, JACKALOPE returns with a special ‘Back to the Roots’ edition celebrating the festival’s roots.   At the heart of this event, a selection of DJs is preparing to thrill you with their varied sets, covering a wide range of musical genres (hip hop, funk, rock…) to…

Food Trucks to Discover at JACKALOPE MONTRÉAL 2023

June 22, 2023 / By jean

During JACKALOPE Montréal, don’t miss the chance to take advantage of the food trucks present at the festival  from 25 to 27 August to discover new flavours.   1. Churros & Churros For those with a sweet tooth, Churros & Churros will be there to satisfy your sweet tooth with…

The podium of the street skateboarding competitions at the JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2023!

June 20, 2023 / By jean

Let’s take a look back at the rankings of the skateboarding competitions during the JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2023!   Men’s competition podium: 1) Micky PAPA 2) Jake ILARDI 3) Matias DEL’OLLIO   Women’s competition podium: 1) Christine COTTAM…

Bouldering podium: The best male and female climbers at the JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2023

June 20, 2023 / By jean

Here are the podium places in the bouldering competitions at the JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2023! Men’s climbing competition podium : 1) Charlie BARRON 2) Ethan FREUDENHEIN 3) Benn WHEELER Podium Women’s Climbing Competition:  1) Sienna KOPF…

Results of the Skimboarding Competition at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2023

June 20, 2023 / By jean

Despite the weather, the skimboarding athletes outdid themselves at the JACKALOPE Virginia Beach. Here’s the final podium!   Men’s Skimboarding podium: 1) Yahir VALENCIA 2) Mason BROUSSARD 3) Dane CAMERON   Women’s Skimboarding Podium:…


June 19, 2023 / By jean

After 10 years on Montreal soil, the JACKALOPE festival has moved to Virginia Beach in the USA! 🇺🇸 Crowds, adrenalin, an exceptional atmosphere and thrills. To experience or relive JACKALOPE Virginia Beach, click below. Before you start reading, it’s worth watching the after-movie JACKALOPE Virginia Beach…

Roller skating is coming to JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH

May 10, 2023 / By jean

Do you know roller skating? Roller skating, or more precisely Jam skating, is a sport where riders link dance steps, jumps and tricks on hip-hop, funk, soul or electro music. This discipline can be practiced on the flat or in a real bowl for a sick…


April 20, 2023 / By audreane

TOUR DE BLOC is a series of mixed bouldering competitions presented by Arc’teryx, free and open to all. TOUR DE BLOC is a festive event bringing together enthusiasts in partner gyms. The registration is done directly at each gym. This year’s bouldering competition tour will take place from…

Everything you need to know about the Skimboarding competition on the beach !

April 17, 2023 / By jean

Want to combine pleasure and entertainment? Skimboarding is a water sport derived from surfing that involves gliding on shallow water using a board! The JACKALOPE Festival offers you the opportunity to participate in one of the skimboarding competitions and showcase your best talents on…

Be there for the first base jump from the Hilton Oceanfront rooftop at JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH!

March 17, 2023 / By audreane

BASE jump is a parachute jump from a fixed location. BASE is an acronym for Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges), and Earth (cliffs). Yes, from the beach or Neptune Park, you can see the athletes jump from the roof of the Hilton and land on the beach. Read on to find…

Don’t miss your chance to go bouldering with a view of the sea!

March 16, 2023 / By audreane

Bouldering is a sport that consists of climbing low walls without a rope. This year at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach, a 100 foot long covered wall directly on the beach will be available to try! Those who wish will be able to climb the bouldering wall for a 4 hours open…

Come shred the brand new beach skatepark made by California Skateparks

March 16, 2023 / By audreane

For our 1st edition in Virginia Beach, we did not do things by halves. We went to find one of the best team in the field of skateparks. And California Skateparks hit the nail on the head with the skatepark they designed for us! SKATEPARK PLAN…

Indoor Skydiving – Come take some height with iFLY

March 15, 2023 / By audreane

The indoor skydiving simulator allows you to feel the adrenaline of a parachute jump in a safe environment. Intended for people of all ages, starting from three years old, this activity can be done alone, in a group, with family and/or friends and allows you to work on your balance,…

A golden opportunity: skydive and land directly on the beach at JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH

March 15, 2023 / By jean

One of the most extreme activities Skydiving is without a doubt one of the most exciting and extreme activities out there. For thrill seekers, the Jackalope Virginia Beach and Skydive Suffolk offers you a unique experience, a breathtaking skydiving experience for its first edition. A moment of pure adrenaline…

Local Virginia Beach Motocross Athlete Celebrated!

March 15, 2023 / By jean

The JACKALOPE Virginia Beach festival is about to experience a new wave of excitement with the presence of Zach DiPaolo. This young rider from Virginia has quickly gained a reputation in the world of extreme sports thanks to his innovative style and ability to perform high-level tricks in the FMX…

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and his friends are coming to Virginia Beach for JACKALOPE on June 3rd

March 15, 2023 / By audreane

After an incredible demo last summer in Montreal, get ready for an unforgettable show that will take place this time in the United States! Skateboard legend comes to Virginia Beach JACKALOPE Virginia Beach will host one of the best skateboarders in the world, Tony Hawk! Considered the godfather of…


February 14, 2023 / By admin

Chad Caruso, a skateboarder from Long Island (NY), is going to push across the United States from West to East to raise money for addiction awareness. Starting in Venice Beach (CA), he will travel more than 3000 miles (4830 km) to Virginia Beach (VA) for the JACKALOPE and…

10th edition of JACKALOPE – 5 reasons to have FOMO if you weren’t there

September 30, 2022 / By admin

The team’s mission is to push the limits with each edition, and that’s what we did for the tenth JACKALOPE festival in Montreal. To cook and serve such a delicious event, you need several ingredients: a lot of planning, and the great energy of the festival goers, athletes and partners.

The best move at JACKALOPE 2022: recycled cans

September 30, 2022 / By admin

This year, JACKALOPE and Consignaction are partnering to recycle 100% of the cans that were deposited. Thanks to its facilities and its animation team, Consignaction has enabled the Festival to reduce its ecological footprint and to raise awareness among its audience. A second life for containers When it…

The Swatch Pro Team is in the house!

August 17, 2022 / By admin

Swatch has been going back to its roots for a few years with the creation of its Swatch Pro team. The company has a sharp eye and knows how to spot emerging talents as well as the hot athletes of the moment. But every hard-working athlete also needs to unwind…

Will this year be the most spectacular vert ramp demo in the JACKALOPE history?

August 17, 2022 / By admin

Jimmy Wilkins, Eliot Sloan, Reese Nelson and the others will make you forget the years of Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist. This year’s athletes are legends in the making so don’t miss your chance to see them perform at the height of their careers. In fact, note that there is…

A street competition with many special guests

August 17, 2022 / By admin

It’s the main event so we gave it our all. This year the obstacles are more classic and inclusive in order to bring an even more interesting level of competition. As every year, you will see stars of the skateboard world but also some skaters that you will be happy…

Get to know the artists in show on Saturday night at JACKALOPE MONTREAL 2022

August 17, 2022 / By admin

Let’s face it, Saturday at JACKALOPE is the biggest day of the year. After a packed sports program, check out a triple show starting at 9:15pm with artists GROS BIG, NAYA ALI and TIZZO! It’s going to be FIRE. To get you into it, here are a few more details…

Optimize your weekend at JACKALOPE by visiting Montreal!

August 16, 2022 / By admin

Are you spending the weekend in Montreal for JACKALOPE, or maybe you have friends in town and you want to impress them with your city tour guide skills? We prepared for you a little list of spots to check out, a few ideas of things for you to visit/see/try nearby…

Everything you need to know about the bouldering competition at JACKALOPE

August 16, 2022 / By admin

Bouldering is a sport that consists of climbing low walls without a rope. The growing popularity as well as its recent inclusion in the Olympics means that the sport is growing rapidly! It is as technical as it is exciting and as demanding as it is spectacular to watch. This…

Be there for the first ever tandem base jumping in the middle of the urban jungle of Montréal

August 16, 2022 / By admin

BASE jumping is parachuting from a fixed location. From buildings, antennas, bridge (spans), a cliff (earth), the top of the Olympic stadium mast or even a crane! At JACKALOPE, it is almost mandatory to jump from the mast of the stadium but this year it will be under repair, the…

Jackalope 2022 – Prize money, judging, format and jargon: Everything you need to know to prepare to see or rip the JACKALOPE contest!

August 16, 2022 / By admin

Among the things to know is this one : $30,000 prize money for the podiums and $7,000 in best tricks, a list of guests among the best international skaters, both women and men so get ready, this year it’s going to be intense! We’re going to tell you all about…

5 reasons to come to the JACKALOPE Fest thanks to Videotron

August 10, 2022 / By admin

For our 10th edition, we’re back in a big way. And so are our partners! This year, thanks to Videotron, you can get a chance to win a unique BaseJump in Quebec, get one of 30 privilege coupons that give you access to a private terrace, get faster access to…

More than 30 pop up shops will be set up at JACKALOPE during the weekend!

August 10, 2022 / By admin

Once again this year, the festival will host just over 30 different brands directly on the OIympic Stadium’s Esplanade, from clothes, accessories, drinks and so much more! Our POP-UP show section is for streetwear fans, action sports enthusiasts and even families who would want to get some back-to-school shopping…

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Arc’teryx Montreal Lays the Foundation of Connection

August 2, 2022 / By admin

Getting people to connect starts with getting them in the same room. So, in November 2021, Arc’teryx Montreal created its first film festival, Nos Aventures d’Ici, to showcase their Quebec athletes and Quebec-based adventures. Several films were screened including Em, a spotlight on Quebec-raised climber Em Pellerin who is doing…

8 food trucks to try at JACKALOPE MONTREAL 2022

August 1, 2022 / By admin

Are you the type of person who looks at the restaurant’s menu before you eat? We’ve put together a list of the food trucks you’ll find at the Montreal 2022 Festival to get your mouth watering between now and August 19-21. There is something for everyone, hangover, sweet tooth, big…

3 things you need to know before attending a Breaking battle

August 1, 2022 / By admin

Glossary: a few key words to know before reading! FREEZE: Stopped movement, often with the body balanced above the ground or simply striking a pose to the music. ROUNDS: A word we commonly use in competition to express how many times a dancer will individually dance in a…

When JACKALOPE Crew meets Kamloops skateboard community

July 25, 2022 / By admin

Did you know that Kamloops is the tournament capital of Canada? For the kickoff of the JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY tour, it promised to unite neighbours giving the community a boost. With community at heart, families and skateboarding enthusiasts delighted in food tasting, pop-up shops, farmers’ markets, music, games, and more.

JACKALOPE Festival is coming back stronger than ever and here’s why

June 1, 2022 / By audreane

After 2 years of adventures on JACKALOPE TV, we couldn’t wait to get you all together again, and celebrate our 10th edition as it should be. For the long awaited return, we went all out. Here’s a little preview of what we have in store for you. 1-We’re taking over…

Winners of King of the Groms on their way to the JACKALOPE FEST

April 14, 2022 / By audreane

King Of The Groms was a kids contest in bowl, mini ramp and street that started in 2003 at 3rd Lair skatepark in Minnesota. Over the years, the contest has evolved into a tour across the United States and Canada. Thousands of young riders have participated and many…

5 good reasons to discover Mont Adstock

March 29, 2022 / By audreane

For the past 4 years, Mathieu Desmarais, CEO, and his entire team have given a new lease on life to Mont Adstock in Thetford Mines. This mountain, a few hours from Montreal, is a well hidden treasure. If you like to play outside in the winter, whatever your…

5 things to know about self-filmed skate part in 360

March 9, 2022 / By audreane

Jessy Jean-Bart or Black Sparrow decided to go to California a few weeks ago, and film a skateboarding part himself with his Insta360 in Los Angeles and Vegas. It’s a pretty complex project and you have to be really prepared before getting into it. Here are Jessy Jean-Bart’s…

Get to know the two winners of the Miami Open 2021, Jiro Platt and Shiloh Catori

February 17, 2022 / By audreane

In November 2021, we went to the Miami Open, a skate contest at Lot 11 Skatepark in Miami. Two winners of the JACKALOPE UP NEXT 2021 tour, Johnny Purcell and Jayden Bono, were invited to participate in the contest. So we packed our bags and flew…

6 best things to do for your skate trip to Miami

January 31, 2022 / By audreane

Last November, we went on a skate trip to Miami with Johnny Purcell, the winner of our JACKALOPE UP NEXT 2021 tour, and Jayden Bono, winner of a tour stop, for the #MiamiOpen. We had a lot of fun, saw an alligator, skated one of the nicest skatepark we’ve…

The best female skateboarder in Canada : Who’s next?

December 22, 2021 / By yann

Women skateboarding is booming. It is estimated that around 20% of skaters are females and many of them are really pushing it to the next level. Maddy, Reese, Fay, Sophie and Samantha are the future of skateboarding. They draw attention in skateparks, their names are circulating in the streets, and…

JACKALOPE UP NEXT – The next generation of skateboarders in Quebec

October 20, 2021 / By yann

7 minutes read The JACKALOPE UP NEXT tour presented by Videotron was crazy, and final was even more so. The judges / skaters / hosts Math Chouinard and Vanessa Cléroux told us about the best moments, the best tricks and the best human-skaters that marked this…

6 interesting facts you did not know about Canadian skateboard Olympic athletes

August 6, 2021 / By yann

10 minutes read It’s a long road to the Olympics so one can only assume most Olympians have inspiring journeys and a few stories to tell. Here are some interesting facts about our favorite Canadian skateboard athletes. 1- Andy Anderson’s priority is not winning. Not that he will not try…

5 surprises for the reopening of the TRH bar

August 5, 2021 / By audreane

3 minutes read You were looking forward to having a beer between 2-3 bowl sessions at TRH? Well my friend, they are opening their doors on August 5th after more than a year of absence. For now, the classic TRH parties will be a little different. With the…

How to protect the oceans, from Montreal

July 5, 2021 / By cecilia

6 minutes read “Protect what you love”  This is the awareness campaign for the protection of the ocean in a nutshell. The catchphrase was heard many times during the recent ocean week held from June 1st to June 8th. The campaign is celebrated around the world because it…

MTL B-Board: the environment comes first!

April 28, 2021 / By nicolas

4 minute read For the MTL B-Board company, balance is essential. So, if every board sold inevitably means that a tree has been cut down, the company is committed to planting a tree in return. “I always want to do more for the environment, explains Nicolas Loiselle, president and…

Heh Skateboard – A fast growing local brand.

April 21, 2021 / By yann

5 minute read These boards with a smiley face between two parentheses are everywhere nowadays right? They are produced by the local skateboard brand Heh (click here to hear how to pronounce the name) and that smiley face represents them perfectly. The following article is about a small…


July 12, 2023 / By audreane

Like every year, JACKALOPE launches its JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY summer tour, amateur competitions across Canada, to find the country’s best skateboarders and invite them to take part in the Montreal JACKALOPE Festival. To kick off the tour, the first 2023 event was held in LEDUC,…

BASE Jump podium: Base jumpers crowned!

June 20, 2023 / By jean

Jumping from the top of the Hilton Hotel, the BASE Jumpers delighted the public with adrenalin-fuelled jumps to land on the Virginia Beach target. BASE JUMPING podium: 1) Sean CHUMA 2) Mat LAJ 3) Katie HANSEN…

JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY is back this summer across Canada!

May 17, 2023 / By jean

JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY 2023 tour will include three stops: Leduc June 17 Terrebonne July 7-8 Rosemont July 15 JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY is a tour that will feature exciting skateboarding competitions, in the form of a jam, for different categories.

Everything you need to know about the different passes available for JACKALOPE Virginia Beach

March 20, 2023 / By audreane

JACKALOPE Virginia Beach 2023 will be the occasion to take advantage of different passes, each of them giving privileged access to the different areas of the festival. As a reminder, admission to the Festival is totally free!   1. VIP PASS Access to the VIP terrace…

City of LEDUC : In small towns, the best spots to shred.

April 7, 2021 / By jeremie

4 minute read You all know the saying, big things come in small packages? We could easily say the same thing about the City of Leduc in Alberta. Whether it’s skateboarding, paddleboard or tasting the best Caesar in the country Leduc has no secrets for us. Chris, Bailey and…

Epicness level: 100%, Behind the scenes of the JACKALOPE WEST COAST TOUR

April 7, 2021 / By jeremie

4 minute read Every road trip has its share of epic moments. The JACKALOPE West Coast Tour is no exception. Here are a few juicy anecdotes and tasty stories from our western epic tour. Athlete : Cody Matechuck Credit : Jérémie Perreault Our first day of shooting started…

The must-see for your next West Coast roadtrip: Edmonton

April 1, 2021 / By jeremie

When we talk about Canada’s West Coast, we automatically imagine the snowy mountains of Whistler or the omnipresence of the ocean in Victoria. However, just aprovince away there is a surprising city  with an abundance of  experiences and attractions for all those who want to satisfy their desire for thrills:…
le rêve de l'est

4 riders, 4 backgrounds, 1 shared passion

March 12, 2021 / By jeremie

For several months now, Burton has been working on an ambitious project in the Chic-Chocs region of the Gaspé Peninsula. Experienced Quebec snowboarders are clearing an unexplored mountain to create a completely new backcountry trail. For the occasion, JACKALOPE.tv and Burton have called upon experienced snowboarders, but also…

Murdochville rises from its ashes

March 10, 2021 / By nicolas

6 minute read Like a phoenix, Murdochville rises from its ashes. After being on the edge of the abyss, this former mining town, located in the heart of the Gaspé Peninsula, is enjoying a new lease of life. The reason? The great outdoors. « When people think of the Gaspé…

Dreamline : Conquering the Chic-Chocs

March 9, 2021 / By nicolas

5 minute read For the past few months, Burton has been working on an ambitious project in the Chic-Chocs, in the Gaspé Peninsula. Experienced Quebec snowboarders are clearing an unexplored mountain to create a completely new backcountry trail. “This is my dream project, exclaimed Zach Aller, regional manager at…

For or against the fanny pack?

February 23, 2021 / By nicolas

3 minute read Some want to see them disappear forever, others are ecstatic since their return…one thing is certain, fanny packs leave no one indifferent. The fanny pack has been the laughing stock in the fashion world in the 2000s. But since 2017, no more prejudices, long live convenience. The…
copieright Mylaine Robichaud @mmy_roo 9

5 tips to fill up your tank before a backcountry day

February 18, 2021 / By nicolas

Temps de lecture : 4min Rarely has the taste for adventure been so pronounced among action sports enthusiasts. The pandemic and its restrictions have exacerbated this desire for freedom for many, and this is quite evident in the snowboarders community who seem to have developed a taste for discovering virgin…

4 BASE jump tricks to know

January 21, 2021 / By nicolas

4 minute read As the cold weather began to set in in Canada and before the pandemic forced us all to confine ourselves once again, the JUMP OFF team had one last blast before the return of slightly milder temperatures. Adrenaline junkies, a wasteland and a gigantic crane. That’s all…

Catherine Vaillancourt-Roy : conquering the biggest cliffs

January 21, 2021 / By nicolas

5 minute read Catherine Vaillancourt-Roy  is a true adrenaline and adventure junkie. Currently in Slave Lake, Alberta, where she works in forestry, the skydiver is used to be cloistered in the woods. A few months of hard work for a few months of extreme freedom. “In the winter, I…

Natalia Sanchez : The Godmother of Argentinian skateboarding

January 13, 2021 / By nicolas

6 minute read Somewhere in the confines of Argentina, in a region where cows outnumber humans, in a village where the streets are not paved… is the heart of Argentine skateboarding. Here, the sound of skateboard wheels on concrete can be heard more often than car wheels. Normal, because unlike…
copieright Mylaine Robichaud @mmy_roo 1

The essentials of a backcountry snowboarding day

December 21, 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read Murdochville is not only an old mining town… it is also a backcountry paradise. In a previous article, we presented Murdoch to you from another angle. In this one, we warn you. Backcountry skiing or snowboarding can be dangerous. Before exploring Murdochville’s snowy backcountry, you need to…
copieright Mylaine Robichaud @mmy_roo 4

Murdochville, the powder paradise

December 15, 2020 / By nicolas

5 minute read In 2002, the municipality of Murdochville, in the Gaspé Peninsula, found itself on life support. After the permanent closure of the foundry, 70% of the inhabitants voted to close the town. Fortunately, the Quebec government refused to throw in the towel. Nearly 20 years later, the…

DISTURBAN: portraits of 5 outstanding climbers

December 14, 2020 / By nicolas

4 min read Last week, you discovered our brand new episode on the Urban bouldering. A discipline that deserves to be known, just like the 5 athletes who tackle the different lines. Antoine Séguin General Manager at Allez Up, Antoine is the godfather of the bouldering scene in…
crédit mathieu tranchida

DISTURBAN : Reclaiming Montreal

December 3, 2020 / By nicolas

3 min read JACKALOPE.TV, Allez Up and Yeti are happy to introduce our brand new web series highlighting the beautiful world of climbing, where we present the main actors and disciplines of the climbing scene in Quebec. This episode shed light on a little-known discipline, Urban bouldering, that…
bloc urbain

Bouldering is not a crime!

December 2, 2020 / By nicolas

3 min read You know the expression: “Skateboarding is not a crime!” ? You should know that some urban climbers now go through the same ordeals as skaters. Athlete : Marc-Antoine Vigneault Credit : Mathieu Tranchida “We often climb on private property so we get kicked out…
bertrand cloutier

Project 666: behind the scenes of a complicated operation

November 24, 2020 / By nicolas

4 min read When JUMP OFF came to Shawinigan to try to realize Bertrand Cloutier’s dream, the team quickly realized the complexity of the challenge ahead of them: the jump in front of the moon was not going to be easy. Our technical team took weeks to prepare for the…

JUMP OFF : project 666

November 17, 2020 / By nicolas

5 min read Bertrand Cloutier, also known as “Papa Oiseau”, is a true icon in the world of BASE JUMP. JACKALOPE.tv has decided, this summer, to document his crazy ideas in a web-series that will be available on Thursday. Bertrand dreamt of the moon… so we went and got…
Mark McMorris

Burton One World, the snowboarding movie you need to see

November 17, 2020 / By nicolas

5 min read Winter is coming people… and so is the best snowboarding movie you’ve seen in a while. One World, by Burton, is something you are going to want to watch before your next ride. The movie just came out on Amazon Prime… and JACKALOPE had the honor…

Jordyn Barratt: the queen of concrete waves

November 2, 2020 / By nicolas

4 min read Jordyn Barratt is slowly becoming one of the most recognizable faces on the women’s skateboarding scene. Yet the Hawaiian native seemed predestined to become a surf star. At the age of 21, Barratt currently lives in Oceanside, California. In 2019, she placed second at the World…
Jackalope Photo : Dan Mathieu

Top 5 of the best young Brazilian skaters

October 14, 2020 / By nicolas

5 min read Over the last decade, Brazil has become one of the richest countries in terms of young talented skaters. Luan Oliveira is probably the first name that comes to mind when talking about skateboarding in Brazil… but he is not alone, far from it. Who are the…
Breakdance aux JO

Breakdancing at the Olympics : a mixed reception in the community

October 8, 2020 / By nicolas

4 min read Breakdance is not an underground, urban or artistic activity anymore. Well, it still is… but it is also a new Olympic discipline. A news that may seem great, but it hasn’t only been greeted with cheers in the breakdance community. Skateboarders and surfers reacted pretty much the…

Five tons of waste taken out of the St. Lawrence River

October 6, 2020 / By nicolas

3 min read What do a heavy vehicle tire, 6 bicycles, festival fences, an airport locker, traffic cones and thousands of cigarette butts have in common? Well, it’s simple… they all laid at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River before the September 19th clean-up operation in Quebec City, put…
Lacroix Board

The F1 of electric skateboarding

September 29, 2020 / By nicolas

4 min read Somewhere in a warehouse in Mile-End, Montreal, a small team is revolutionizing the world of electric skateboarding. Formula 1 skateboarding is conceived here, in almost complete anonymity. At the edge of his seat, a Frank & Oak coffee in hand, Alexandre Archambault talks about his project with…

MTL B-Board: Finding balance

September 23, 2020 / By nicolas

4 min read In today’s world of sport, all tools are welcome to help athletes achieve excellence. Riders of all abilities can now work on their balance in the comfort of their living room with balance boards. So far, nothing new, balance boards have been around for a long time…
Canada Skateboarding

Canadian Skateboarding – A visual history

September 22, 2020 / By nicolas

4min read Canada now has its Skateboard Bible. After years of hard work, Canada Skateboard recently published a coffee table book with over 200 photos taken over the past 5 decades. Halfway between a tribute to the history of Canadian skateboarding and a collection of the most legendary spots in…
Seb Lucas Montréal

What are the best spots for skateboarding in Montreal ?

September 17, 2020 / By yann

5 min read Montreal is a gold mine for skate spots as there are hundreds of them. New ones are getting discovered regularly as much as new ones are getting built. However, the territory to cover is huge so we thought we would help you plan your next session by…
Jackalope & Immense

IMMENSE lifestyle and JACKALOPE: a perfect match

September 15, 2020 / By nicolas

4 min read When Anthony Kossi and Laurent Darie came to the JACKALOPE festival two years ago, they knew immediately that they had found an ideal way to promote their brand. The two friends, originally from France, moved to Montreal a few years ago. But they met 3 years ago…
Seb Carranza - Skateboard Montréal

Seb Carranza, the man under the sombrero

September 9, 2020 / By nicolas

Seb Carranza 28 years old Sponsors : Palm Isle Skateshop, Emerica, Stance, RVCA (Agence Royal), Undz, ULC Skateboards Seb Carranza has more than one string to his bow. Born in Quebec to a Mexican mother and a Quebecois father, the 28-year-old skater moved to Mexico when he was only…
Annie Guglia Skate

Annie Guglia : Canadian Olympic Prospect

August 31, 2020 / By nicolas

Annie Guglia : Canadian Olympic Prospect 29 years old Sponsors : Meow Skateboards, Vans Canada, Outlaw Skateshop, Physio Extra , Bones Bearings For the past few years, Annie Guglia has been everywhere. She has become, in a way, the female face of skateboarding in Quebec and Canada. She was…
Jessy Jean Bart - Skate

Jessy Jean Bart : The Black Sparrow

August 26, 2020 / By nicolas

Jessy Jean Bart : The Black Sparrow 32 years old Sponsors: Deathwish, Nixon, Volcom, Ace Trucks, Outlaw Skate Shop, Shake Junt, Vans, Mateína, Mehrathon, Vivace. Jessy Jean Bart is not only an exceptional skater, he is also a conscientious human being. For a few years now, Jessy has been sober…
Annie Guglia skate

JACKALOPE.TV: what to watch this month?

August 17, 2020 / By nicolas

That’s it, we’re here, JACKALOPE.TV is finally launched. Already, one web-series produced by collaborators is available on the site: Rockbottom.  Our mission is to thrill you and offer you a dose of adrenaline worthy of the name. While we produce quality content ourselves, such as MTL Skate District, we…
Seb Lucas skater

Seb Lucas Alzate: always faster!

August 17, 2020 / By nicolas

Seb Lucas 27 years old Major Sponsor : Boutique Rollin Seb Lucas Alzate has been riding since he was ten years old. That means his skating career has just come of age. If he is now considered a killer on his board, the beginnings were more difficult for the…
Skate trick Montréal

Why is Montreal the skate capital of Canada?

August 13, 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read Having grown up in Quebec City, I have always envied Montreal skaters. When I was 15 or 16 years old, my friends and I had to take a minimum of one-hour bus ride to find a spot worthy of the name in the Old Capital. The bus…
Jackalope Skate Montréal

5 young Quebec skaters to watch closely

July 29, 2020 / By nicolas

Temps de lecture : 4 minutes One of the most exciting parts of a skateboarding contest is seeing a young ripper come out of nowhere and make us say, “Who the hell is he?!”. With no competition to get their teeth into under the circumstances, skaters are spending the summer…

Climbing… ok, but where should you start?

July 21, 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read Climbing in 2020 became what fixed gear was in 2008. Before the coronavirus, visiting a climbing facility on a Saturday afternoon was similar to visiting a Walmart during Boxing day. If you’ve always been curious about trying this sport without knowing where to start, here is what…

5 reasons for choosing fixed gear

July 21, 2020 / By jeremie

4 minute read Remember those good old childhood years when we used to make the biggest burns possible by braking backwards? Where there was only one gear on your bike? Well if you were tripping, you might get the same buzz riding a Fixed gear bike. Here are 5 reasons…
Jump Off

How does one become a BASE jumper?

July 7, 2020 / By yann

5 minute read There are two types of people: The ones who want to throw themselves (with a parachute) from the highest building in sight and then there are the others. The former are BASE jumpers. The name is an acronym for buildings, antennas, spans (bridge) and earth (cliffs). Why…

5 reasons why skateboarding is more popular than ever

June 24, 2020 / By yann

5 minute read Skateparks are packed, skateboarding is everywhere on social media and it was supposed to be making its entry in the 2020 summer Olympics,. How can one explain the popularity of skateboarding? Why has everyone started skateboarding again? Who is getting back into skating? This is a complex…
Climbing - Escalade

Where to go climbing this summer?

June 18, 2020 / By yann

5 minute read Photo : Jonathan Ouimet With the pandemic, some people climbed on their kitchen counter and others just kept hoping for a quick reopening of the gyms. Not that it’s impossible to travel to Rocklands or Yosemite and because local tourism is on the program for everyone, we…
Black lives matter

Being good allies

June 9, 2020 / By yann

5 minutes read Photo credit : Shown Morin During the last few days, we have been following the evolution of the situation resulting from the death of M. George Floyd. We read and listen to the voice of the people from the black community and as you probably have, we…

Skateparks reopening – 5 new habits for a safe comeback

June 2, 2020 / By yann

7 minute read Source : Instagram – Annie Guglia Photo credit : Dan Mathieu Finally! At the moment of writing this article, skaters are allowed to go to the skateparks in Quebec and everywhere in Canada. *The Vans bowl located close to the Olympic stadium is the exception…
Jackalope Logo

Update COVID-19

April 16, 2020 / By cecilia

The health and safety of participants, athletes, employees, and partners is our priority, we take the risk of COVID-19 very seriously, and we follow the Government’s instructions and recommendations regarding public events. Stay tuned to know everything about JACKALOPE 2020 events.
Tony Hawk Vert

Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman in Atlantic Canada!

August 21, 2019 / By laurie

JACKALOPE action sports festival is coming to the Maritimes ! The Festival promises to deliver adrenaline and thrills when it welcomes to a contingent of elite extreme sports athletes from May 21th to 23rd 2021 at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre in Truro, NS! First, the incomparable Tony…

8 athletes who will make your heart beat at JACKALOPE MTL 2019

August 6, 2019 / By cecilia

Cette année encore, on a travaillé fort pour vous amener la crème de la crème. On vous donne 8 nouvelles raisons de préparer votre petit coeur qui va battre très vite devant ces humains qui défient les lois de la gravité.

Are you ready for the craziest competitions ?

July 18, 2019 / By laurie

Bouldering competitions JUMP OFF – Base jump competition…
5 Things You Should Know About Bob Burnquist

5 Things You Should Know About Bob Burnquist

June 17, 2019 / By cecilia

That’s right: BOB BURNQUIST will be at JACKALOPE! We picked 5 facts you should know about this skateboard legend.
Jackalope Line up


June 5, 2019 / By cecilia

We’ve been dreaming about this for so long, and we’re finally doing it: MUSIC PERFORMANCES at JACKALOPE! Seriously, how could it be more perfect?
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