July 12-14th 2024

5 d 8 h 5 m 10 s



A 3 day vibrant festival renowned for its unique atmosphere, the quality of the athletes competing in high adrenaline action sports such as skateboarding, bouldering, MOTO X etc…  JACKALOPE is the ultimate gathering of Canada’s action sport communities, bringing together top athletes and professionals in the featured sports as well as enthusiasts and curious. This thrilling festival hosts world-class competitions and demonstrations by world-renowned skateboarders, breakdancers and boulders.

In addition to all the things to see, there is also a multitude of things to do like shopping in the pop up shops, savoring flavors at local restaurants and more. Great times to share with friends and-or family.

Is JACKALOPE Mississauga free?

Yes it’s free for the public! Athletes registration, it’s here

Where to sleep?
Where does the JACKALOPE Mississauga take place and how do I get there?

July 12-14, 2024 at Celebration Square and Square One Shopping Centre (P3), Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)

What can I bring to JACKALOPE Mississauga

– Small backpacks and purses
– Sunscreen (except in flammable spray cans)
– Strollers
– Dogs on leash
– Your skateboard



May 6, 2024 / By vanessa

Visit Mississauga will host the JACKALOPE action sports festival for the first time ever from July 12 to 14, 2024 at Mississauga’s Celebration Square and Square One Shopping Centre. JACKALOPE will return to Mississauga in 2025 and 2026. Thrill-seeking audiences will be treated to free, adrenaline-filled urban programming…

Mia K: A Skateboarding Star in the Making

April 20, 2024 / By mathilde

Meet Mia K, a 9-year-old skateboarder from Australia whose love for skateboarding has led her to win our third golden ticket from Mike Boisvert, The Skate Nomad! Guess what? Now, she’s all set to rock the Vert contest at JACKALOPE Mississauga. Mia’s vibe is all about fun,…

Mike Boisvert: The Skater Nomad, YouTuber

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Dive into the exhilarating world of skateboarding with Mike, a modern-day adventurer in search of the world’s most talented skateboarders who’s journey transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. ✈ Could you tell us a little about yourself and your journey in skateboarding? I started skateboarding at…

Orapan Arwen Tongkong แป้ง : ‘the skateboarding is my lifeline’

March 8, 2024 / By mathilde

Meet Orapan Tongkong, the second Golden Ticket for JACKALOPE Mississauga. In this exclusive interview, Orapan shares her remarkable journey through the world of skateboarding, from her humble beginnings to the profound impact this sport has had on her life. ✈ Can you tell us a bit…