Everything you need to know about skateboarding competition at Jackalope Virginia Beach!

March 15, 2023 / By audreane

A first in Virginia Beach

For more than 10 years, the JACKALOPE festival has been getting stronger and stronger, and the latest edition in 2022 was fabulous. We even won an award! We’re raising the bar and this time, JACKALOPE will take place on the beach in Virginia Beach! Exciting, Right? Yes, Neptune, the king of the oceans, will be there, but that’s not all. Read on to find out about the brand new skatepark we’ve invested in, spectator-friendly formats, and the prizes that many of the guests can win.

Neptune’s skatepark

A skatepark is always unique so this one features Neptune, King of the oceans but it must be said that the real star is the team that designed and built it with us: California Skateparks (skatepark plan visible lower).  The renowned company creates skateparks for the biggest events such as the SLS circuit, the X-games and the qualification events of the Olympic circuit. Yes, we’ll be on the beach, but everything is well thought out; the ground will be made of concrete to ensure a perfect pop and good speed. Everything is there, the classic obstacles but also some special additions to the course. It will go hard.


The innovative format

We thought of a way to make the show even better because we want to see riders push their limits, break records and take risks. If the format of high level competitions sometimes pushes athletes to be strategic, with the Jackalope competition format the only strategy to win will be to give it your all! Without going into too much detail, here is what we propose: The competition will take place in small groups of two or three in jam format. Riders will have more than one opportunity to stand out according to the usual criteria: difficulty, originality, style, consistency and use of the skatepark.

$20,000 in prize money

You know that we are proud to offer equal prize money to men and women categories so our champions will be able to leave with $5,000 each. The first 10 in each category will make money in addition to $2000 to be distributed in $20 bill during the big best trick moment for Friday night. Everyone who is registered for the competition and only them will be paid for every quality trick.

Notable addition for this edition: for the first time, there will also be a best trick (cash for tricks) in the vert for those who have purchased the shredder pass.

50 spots available (OPEN)
Jam format
3 pers/heat
3 mins/heat
16 Heats max *(2x 4pers/heat)
The top rider from each heat will advance to the next step, and there will be 6 wildcards. A total
of 22 riders will pass to the semi-finals.

Jam format
3 pers/heat
3 mins/heat
10 Heats max
Top 12 goes to final

12 finalists
Top 3 Best Trick Jam
3 pers/heat
10 mins/heat
4 Heats max.
Judging sheet: Style / Difficulty / Creativity / Use of the course / Variety
Judges will only count the top 3 best tricks of each riders
Bails will not be counted in the judging.
Top 10 gets paid

You are the special guests 

You are all special and important, it’s obvious and we know that the party is even more special when there are legendary riders. Yes, Tony Hawk and other pros will be there but we want to see the local legends. It is a competition open to all. There are 50 places for men and just as many for women and anyone can register. This is an opportunity to skate with some of the best skaters in the world but also and above all to share a moment between die hard skaters. There are also 24 places for boys and 24 places for girls in the groms competition. This is a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a professional event.

Come on down! 

This is an event designed for participants so come and be a part of it. The winners are those who have a good time. Jackalope is a festival so you are invited to come celebrate skateboarding with us. It’s accessible, inclusive and it’s an opportunity to meet other enthusiast skaters. Don’t miss the opportunity to register for the competition or to try out the skatepark and the vert ramp with the shredder pass. And if you just want to come watch and support then you’ll get three days of pure fun and action.

And if you decide not to participate, get a VIP pass to have access to the Meet & Greet with Tony Hawk & friends and a super view of the skate course (with drinks and snacks to make it even more interesting)!


VIP Pass