Will this year be the most spectacular vert ramp demo in the JACKALOPE history?

August 17, 2022 / By admin

Jimmy Wilkins, Eliot Sloan, Reese Nelson and the others will make you forget the years of Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist. This year’s athletes are legends in the making so don’t miss your chance to see them perform at the height of their careers. In fact, note that there is a child prodigy still progressing, the insanely talented Jimmy Wilkins and the most decorated skater Eliot Sloan will be there but also the rising stars Gavin Bottger and Mitchie Brusco will be able to inspire the youngest. Here is what you need to know about the athletes who will come to give the show of the year.

The savior arrives in Montreal

Jimmy Wilkins is so electrifying to watch that one can say he saved vert skating the way they say Tiger Woods saved golf or Sidney Crosby saved hockey. There are those people who have a certain something but Jimmy has more than that. He has won the gold medal in his last five appearances at the X-Games. The 28-year-old may not be officially a legend yet but he is the first and one of the only people to be able to do a 540 without holding his board with his hands. He’s a bit of a magician, he does what no one else can do and he does it with his unique style. He recently signed a contract with REAL skateboards, one of the most prestigious skateboard companies and it was Tony Hawk who surprised him with the news. Wilkins is every vert skater’s favorite skater and probably every street skater’s favorite vert skater. If he is not your favorite yet, it might happen soon. Here is his most recent and most classy video part :

The most decorated and the most intense

Elliot Sloan is the headliner and with good reason. The skater and rocker always performs with such intensity and amplitude that he will not go unnoticed. He is the most decorated of all the athletes present and also one of the most spectacular. He is known for his rotations at height in big air but also for the big air and huge ramps at his home in San Diego where he skates with the best in the world. Needless to say, he’s in great shape and just won gold in the best trick competition at the X-Games 2022 with a cab heelflip 720. Are we going to see this maneuver in person, who knows?

Reese Nelson, future queen of the ramp

She is only 10 years old and many see her as the future of the discipline. Her extraordinary talent and her determination have made her one of the best girls in the world. She skates at Tony Hawk with her friend Jimmy Wilkins, who is also her favorite skater. In addition to that, she is coached by Colin McKay who is one of the greatest innovators in the discipline. Her entourage, however, is only a reflection of her extraordinary talent and she is evolving so quickly that she has learned a ton of stuff since she spoke to us a few months ago as part of an article on the best female skaters to look out for. If you know any little girls who skate, make sure to bring them to see Reese shred the vert because they will always remember it and you will too.

The gifted vertical monsters

Gavin Bottger, 15, and Mitchie Brusco, 25, are also part of this category of people who were extraordinarily good from a young age. Gavin and Mitchie are fierce competitors and have medal chances with every appearance on the circuit. Brusco is the first to do a 1260 (one lap faster than Tony Hawk’s famous 900) and Gavin just won a Dew Tour event at age 15 riding a Jimmy Wilkins board. They are both among the best in the world and despite their young age, already solidly established skaters. Good luck to anyone who wants to compete against them.

Vert heads with skills to pay the bills

Fortunately, the show that awaits you is a demonstration so there will only be winners. Alex Perelson has been a sensation on the competition circuit for a while but rarely puts on the stress of competing against others. You will be the judge and it’s a safe bet that it will be given all the points for style and amplitude. Added to this is Colin Graham from Virginia Beach, where the first JACKALOPE will be held outside of Montreal in 2023, as well as Julien Gagnon, our local vert skater. Julien and Colin may not be world champions but they have a talent that will keep us mesmerized.

You dont want to miss a second of this show. The demo is also available in live webcast at 8:30 eastern time. 

Do you see now why this will be the craziest demo in JACKALOPE history? The talent is simply mind-blowing this year so book your night and don’t leave the site until the end no matter what. See you there, get your tickets here.

Author: Yann Fily Paré