A street competition with many special guests

August 17, 2022 / By admin

It’s the main event so we gave it our all. This year the obstacles are more classic and inclusive in order to bring an even more interesting level of competition. As every year, you will see stars of the skateboard world but also some skaters that you will be happy to have seen in person before they become monsters at skating. We keep a few surprises for you but here is what you need to know in order to enjoy the show.

The one and only

Andy Anderson is without a doubt one of the most exciting riders to watch. It doesn’t get any closer to a human version of a party bag. He is original, extremely talented but above all he has a sense of showmanship. The Olympian is one of the most popular skaters in the world and everyone wants his signature deck. The very friendly Canadian is usually in California or anywhere in the world but rarely in Montreal so you must take the opportunity to come and encourage our versatile innovator in person. He recently showed us the spots around town in Vancouver: check out how cool he is here.

An example of determination

Today, the Brazilian Felipe Nunes is known all over the world thanks to his specificity and video parts, he is an amazing skater but he has no legs. You have to see it to believe it and even seeing it we hardly believe our eyes that he skates so well. He flips his board like no other, but above all he is a model of determination and contagious energy.

An exception of the human race

Ke’chaud Johnson is not like all humans, he is the strongest skater on earth. Only he skate up the handrails instead of down, jump over an entire pyramid instead of propelling himself on the kicking part and much more. You’ve already seen him at JACKALOPE! Yes, he was the one who jumped higher than all the others. He is as precise as he is powerful and will make possible what you thought was impossible. Ke’chaud pushes the limits but is also a crowd favorite because it’s impossible not to experience a thrill watching him skate. Bring your seismograph because there might be an earthquake during his run. Here is how he does it :

Mctwist or 360 flip?

Jake Ilardy is one of the only skaters in the world to do Mctwist in the vert modules while being able to bigflip front board down the biggest handrail in the park. It’s a versatility you don’t see often. He has already won the AmGettingPaid but never the JACKALOPE so he returns to Montreal with the pressure and the desire to take the top step of the podium. Will he manage to win this one?

Girls are the best

At each edition, the judges, the organizers and the public are taken by surprise by the level of women’s skateboarding which is increasing so rapidly from year to year. What does this year hold for us? Hard to say but know that the young Fay Ebert from Toronto, who was already so good in 2019, arrives from the top of her 12 years to raise the bar. Here is a compilation of a few clips of her. Charlotte Hym, the very talented neuroscientist from Paris, will also try to win the title while being be the most clever human in the area.

The great talent of Latin America

We know that Brazil is a nation of impressive skaters, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen an 8-year-old with so much potential! The young Joaquim Costa will be the youngest competitor to participate and he is sure not to be the last because his talent is much bigger than his size. Check out a few clips of him at the berrics. Matheus Mendes is another future star from Brazil who, at just 12 years old, might embarrass some adult competitors. Matias Dell Olio recently took part in a stop on the Street League circuit and was able to stand up to the top 10 best in the world, so he may hurt less experienced competitors.

From Europe with love

Lore Bruggeman from Belgium and Keet Oldenbeuvin from Holland are faces you might recognize from having competed in the Olympics! Aged 20 and 17, these two women have a talent that takes them around the world and are part of this generation of girls who are taking skate culture and turning it into something bigger, more beautiful and more inclusive. How not to be a fan of these amazing humans?

Here are some of the participants for this year’s edition, but there will be dozens more. There will be surprises, last minute guests. Obviously, everyone in the organization wants to see TJ Rogers but we will see the day of the event if everything is in place for him. What is certain is that there will be top-level skaters and that the competition will be more exciting than ever with the innovations in the scoring system. See you there and if you don’t have your tickets, there’s still time: click here!!

Author: Yann Fily Paré