Skategoat is the nicest ambidextrous all terrain skater in the world 

August 24, 2023 / By yann

Léandre Sanders is a friendly 26-year-old Californian who is unique for several reasons. He is a force of nature who rides fast and jumps high. The man nicknamed Skategoat can handle high transitions from bowls to handrails and street modules. Versatile skaters are less rare than they used to be, but only Skategoat skates ambidextrously.

In other words, he doesn’t really have a stance switch. That’s right. Even the legendary Rodney Mullen had to ask him for an explanation, because nobody can figure out how Leandre Sanders manages to skate the way he does. On top of all that, he’s got explosive energy and is one of the most positive, warm-hearted guy you’ll ever meet. While he once lived in a car as a youngster, he is now touring the world on his skateboard and getting the crowds screaming.


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He answered a few questions about his forthcoming trip to Jackalope.

What do you like most about skateboarding:

What I like about skating is you get to meet amazing people and it’s the Energy that we give each other. That makes you wanna learn more trick either if you a beginner or a pro skating just got have passion for it to learn most important is having fun. Also skating community turn into family Foreal super thankful for skating and where it have taking me

A competitive moment that has marked you:

A competitive moment that has marked you: I will say winning the destroyer reward at Tampa pro I was stoked on that one

What kind of music or artist do you like to listen to when you skate?

What kind of music or artist do you like to listen to when you skate? The type of music I like to skate to I mean it all depends on the vibes I like listening to oldies some Otis Redding also like some young thug lil more hyped up style

Triple question about tricks:

 A trick you really like:  

is a front smith grind in the bowl best feeling

A trick you want to learn:

hard flip is a tricky one for me wish I had it like a kick flip lol

A trick you’ll probably never do (why?)  

That’s a hard one it’s be a while since I did a 540 but not saying I want ever do it agin but got broke a couple time mighh do one soon

5. Can you describe a perfect session:

I was 16 moved to Melbourne Australia and skated at this park st kilda and I didn’t know any one there alone first time out the country that was a sesh I can definitely remember

6. What do you know about Montréal and/or the people who live there?

I don’t know much about Montreal I know Dime is from there and there some amazing skaters

 7. If you weren’t skateboarding, would you be more into rock climbing or base jumping?

I don’t know this one kinda funny but I will got with rock climbing why because my mom used to do it when she was younger

8. In what frame of mind are you going to arrive at Jackalope 2023, and what do you have to say to the people who are coming to watch the competition?

What I got in mind is meet people enjoying every second and have fun and vibe