A Jackalope festival… recycled!

August 24, 2023 / By jackalopefest

When you’re drinking a soft drink, it never occurs to you that the container you’re holding in your hands could be used to make your favourite board or bouldering holds? or block grips? But it’s true.
Aluminium cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles are much more precious than they seem to all the world’s sportsmen and women.

As CONSIGNACTION is an official partner of the JACKALOPE, we invite you, dear festival-goers, to be aware of what you’ll see around you over the weekend. the weekend. Here’s a list of easily identifiable elements on the site that can be thanks to your recycling!

Aluminium cans can be used to make :

o Bicycles: frame, chain, derailleur, brakes
o Ramp for the Swatch Best trick skateboard module
o Screws for climbing holds
o Pabst and Guru cans consumed throughout the weekend (our proud
drinks partners)

We use plastic bottles to create :

o Skateboards & skate wheels
o Fleece / polyester clothing, used by bouldering athletes in winter!
o Bike helmets, to get you to the festival
o Running shoes
o Jackalope caps
o Bike tyres
o Tents for the VIP area, activations, Pop Ups!
o Bouldering holds on the Arc’teryx initiation wall and the competition wall.

Glass containers are used to make :

o Asphalt
o Foundation for roads / buildings
o Concrete blocks
o Insulating materials in the stadium

Nice variety, isn’t it?

Think of it this way: every time you return a can or bottle, you’re helping to make bottle, you’re helping to make our beloved festival possible. All for the love of sport.

Every year, more than 2 billion returnable containers are sold in Quebec, but 600 million are never returned. They are simply thrown away and end up in landfill sites. landfill sites. That’s 1,650,000 returnable beverage containers thrown away
every day in Quebec. Aïe !

Cans take 200 to 500 years to decompose, plastic bottles about 450 and glass bottles can take a million years to decompose…
Do your bit for the environment by taking your returnable containers back to the shop. They will be 100% recycled.

Visit the Consignaction website or Facebook and  platforms to find out more about the deposit.