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Jessy Jean Bart : The Black Sparrow

August 26, 2020 / By nicolas

Jessy Jean Bart : The Black Sparrow

32 years old Sponsors: Deathwish, Nixon, Volcom, Ace Trucks, Outlaw Skate Shop, Shake Junt, Vans, Mateína, Mehrathon, Vivace. Jessy Jean Bart is not only an exceptional skater, he is also a conscientious human being. For a few years now, Jessy has been sober and vegan, which helps him get more focus than ever on offering us his best skateboarding self! Very strong in the vert (pools, quarter pipes and such), Jessy’s style is also very impressive in the street. He skates fast, his pop is high and he is very creative. He doesn’t hesitate to do tricks like a boneless (see the 2nd trick in the Instagram video below), but he is also able to be very technical. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmtidnTF0Ow/ For Jessy, there is no need to do perfect tricks all the time, because for him, it’s the imperfections of skateboarding that make this art so… perfect. ”I was very inspired by the Black Label and Pig Wood films,” he says. ‘’ The styles are a bit sketchy, the skaters land with one hand on the ground, it’s a bit less serious. You know, skateboarding is a way to express yourself, to have fun. I think there has to be a natural aspect to it.” What defines Jessy as a skater is also his daring. Clearly, he’s not afraid of speed and heights. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDJzbKiFhd2/

Viva Las Vegas

Deeply Montrealer, Jessy has been able to hone his skills even more than the others, since he has been commuting between Las Vegas, where his mother lives, and Quebec for several years. He spends about six months a year in the southern United States.

Running away from the snow and skating the perfect Vegas spots certainly didn’t hinder his progress.

A healthy lifestyle

In addition to his hours spent on a skateboard, Jessy promotes a healthy lifestyle, world peace and a clean planet… what a man, eh. https://www.instagram.com/p/B27WNpml-of/ For a few years, Jessy has been sober and vegan. A major change that has allowed him to progress even more athletically. ”In this world, there’s alcohol abuse. Basically, you party with your friends and skateboard, which creates a lifestyle that isn’t necessarily healthy. Over time, I realized that if I wanted to grow in skateboarding or in any other area of my life, for my health it was better to stop.” We have to admit that Jessy’s choice was the right one. “I saw a big improvement in my skateboarding, I have more energy and I also see the difference in my social life. You have to have fun in life, but there’s a moment when your body can’t keep up.” At the moment, his body seems to be doing very well, as the skater is involved in a number of projects. Like Seb Lucas, Jessy Jean Bart also appears in Boltswagen, Roberto Presedo’s latest.

He will also have a part in the Outlaw skate shop movie which should be out in a year’s time and he is also working on a personal project. On top of all that, he recently won the Défi Hors Piste with this fire video! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDTpG1WFwtn/?igshid=y6bmpkb1dltp And that’s without mentioning his participation in MTL Skate District in which Jessy defends the Plateau! You haven’t seen him yet? Quick, it’s here.