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JACKALOPE.TV: what to watch this month?

August 17, 2020 / By nicolas

That’s it, we’re here, JACKALOPE.TV is finally launched. Already, one web-series produced by collaborators is available on the site: Rockbottom.  Our mission is to thrill you and offer you a dose of adrenaline worthy of the name. While we produce quality content ourselves, such as MTL Skate District, we also rely on the expertise and passion of other extreme sports enthusiasts.
Figure Motocross saut - jump

Photo : Sequence Films


Rockbottom is a privileged foray into the daily life of Christian Martinez and his friends, passionate about motocross, also known as FMX. For them, it all started in Pierrefonds, a suburb of Montreal, where they built their first FMX jumps and formed a family sharing the same ideas and swimming against the current to create a life they had always dreamed of. The episodes will closely follow Martinez and his friends, in Lecanto, Florida, along their journey participating in FMX events. You will be able to see the action behind the scenes to understand what it takes to be an FMX athlete. Watch now
Sab Lucas Skater

Photo : Jeremie Perreault
Skater : Seb Lucas – fakie kick flip on flat

MTL Skate District

That’s our baby. Montreal is an incredible playground for skateboarding and attracts skaters from all over the world. But who better to introduce us to it than our local skateboarders? Discover the best spots in town through a challenge that pits 4 athletes from 4 different Montreal neighbourhoods against each other. Each athlete has one day to defend his or her district, performing the best tricks at the spots of their choice. Inevitably, the skaters will also reveal the little secrets that make their neighbourhood the best in Montreal… Who will win? Which neighbourhood is the best in Montreal for skateboarding? The answers in MTL Skate District! Take a look at the episode here
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