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Seb Lucas Alzate: always faster!

August 17, 2020 / By nicolas

Seb Lucas 27 years old Major Sponsor : Boutique Rollin Seb Lucas Alzate has been riding since he was ten years old. That means his skating career has just come of age. If he is now considered a killer on his board, the beginnings were more difficult for the skateboarder who grew up on the South Shore of Quebec City before moving to Villeray. He started skateboarding thanks to his older brother when he was 12 years old. ”I was two years younger than everyone else so I didn’t realize it,” says Lucas. ”But it took like three years before I could do kickflips… so yeah, it took a long time!” But if you’ve seen Seb Lucas on a skateboard recently, then you know it’s hard to imagine him in trouble. In fact, in 2009, he released a video showing the full potential of the then 17-year-old.

Today, Seb is a 2.0 version of himself. He goes faster, he pops higher, and he’s not afraid of anything. “My style of skateboarding is pretty heavy. I like to skate big stairs sets, to ride big rails, I’d say I’m not afraid of anything. I like to go fast and commit.” Not hard to believe when you see what he did in the Boltswagen movie Roberto Presedo captured, just released on the internet.

When he’s not skating, Seb takes advantage of nature’s attractions. When we talked to him last week, he was coming back from a week in the woods with his girlfriend. He also did a BS 180 on his personal life in the previous few months, he stopped drinking and even became a vegetarian! Not only will you be able to see Seb Lucas in the next Rollin video, you immediately have the opportunity to see him defending HIS favourite Montreal neighbourhoud in MTL Skate District!