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Their names are already whispered in all the skateparks, this summer we went to meet the most promising skaters in Quebec, so that you can get to know better those who haven’t finished making people talk about them.

A big thanks to Alex blais, JF Bernier, Roberto Presedo, Alex Morin, Marc-André Lavoie, Charles Giroux, Louis Grégoire, Max Godin, Anthony Drolet, Dom hamel, Fratello Hardware Co. EXOSHOP Qc.SkateboardCamp

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UP NEXT / Samantha Secours

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Episode 3
"Samantha Secours, for me, is the next generation of Quebecers" - Annie Guglia. After winning Slurpeecanada from Canada Skateboard this summer, and notable appearances in the latest Boltwasgen and Brodies videos, we take a look back at Sam's beginnings, before following her in a street session. (Length: 7min25sec)

UP NEXT / Cedric Vigneault

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Episode 2
His skateboard regularly flies over gaps between Alma and Montreal, passing through QC, Victoriaville and Sherbrooke. Who hasn't already crossed Cedric Vigneault? A return to the mini Cedric, followed by a new street challenge. (Length: 7min46sec)

UP NEXT / Morgan DT

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Episode 1
Morgan DT: Smooth, tech, consistent, Morgan never goes unnoticed. Under the radar of the industry since his debut, he's not the loudest in the place, but his skating and videos part speak for himself. A 7 trick line through Peel park is a challenge worthy of him. (Length : 7min48sec)