More than 30 pop up shops will be set up at JACKALOPE during the weekend!

August 10, 2022 / By admin

Once again this year, the festival will host just over 30 different brands directly on the OIympic Stadium’s Esplanade, from clothes, accessories, drinks and so much more! Our POP-UP show section is for streetwear fans, action sports enthusiasts and even families who would want to get some back-to-school shopping done. It is the perfect opportunity to discover local businesses, from Quebec or even all across Canada! The list is quite long and we know we aren’t the only window shoppers over here sooo, here is the complete list of all the merchants to help you do some pre-shopping!


1. Headster Kids

Canadian hat brand who does the most bad-ass and fun designs for kids! We love all the assorted beach and outdoor accessories they offer too! Check them out.


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2. Big Bill

A pillar brand in the world of workwear, BIG BILL is a go-to for many with its timeless aesthetics and high quality standards. Approved by your construction working uncle and your cousin who skates their classic work pants 7 days a week.

3. Vivace

VIVACE is a collective of young and active individuals who believe life is better without smoking or vaping. It’s through skateboarding, dance and hip hop music that they promote a smoke free lifestyle, come meet them!


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Produced in Quebec and specializing in MOCKTAILS, Barrfly offers a variety of alcohol free beverages. They recreate classic cocktails with the virgin twist without sacrificing the tastes of your favorite drink. If you are thirsty, swing by the Barrfly kiosk!

5.Vélo Lifestyle

VeloLifestyle sells Montrealers the best selection of european bikes, they also have a rental service, bike repairs and a lot more. Their mission is to promote bike life!

6.Colorblind skateboards

Boards, grip tape, wheels, clothing and accessories, COLORBLIND SKATEBOARDS offers a cool variety of visually vibrant products with or without colors!

7.Skateboards for Hope

Skateboards for Hope is a non-profit promoting everyone’s favorite sport, skateboarding, but with an absolutely incredible social cause. We could probably write a book about them but why don’t you just come meet them yourself. Until then here’s a glimpse at their mission: The practice of skateboarding is a powerful tool to support our children’s wellbeing and self-development. By donating skateboards, children can practice skateboarding, foster valuable life skills, and belong to a safe and loving community. With educational projects, we motivate and encourage them to become community-engaged leaders.

8.Petit Montagnard

Petit Montagnard offers unisex clothing for the outdoor enthusiasts that will make you want to go for a hike or spend the weekend outside. From mugs to wool shirts, plaid shirts and hats, Petit Montagnard is simply just a vibe.

9.Crewlent Skateboards

Handmade in Quebec skateboards!? Meet the CREWLENT crew and discover their unique board designs. A little birdy told us they are making a special collection just for JACKALOPE.

10.KOOL apparel

With a name and a branding that is so catchy, KOOL brings a positive vibe and an inspiring energy. Promoting knowledge of self, through art, clothing, education and fun. They make cool apparel and even offer school conferences.


Out.ofthe – Boîte de design et d’art is a Montreal based brand, founded by Claudie Lamarre in 2018, that also acts as a service plateforme for different disciplines such as art, graphic design and illustrations. Out.ofthe’s approach is minimalist. Throughout a style that is pure, simple and light, she tries to share her views on subjects and modern issues such as sexuality, feminism, equality, environment, popular culture, social medias, politics and more.


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PARACHUTE VOLTIGE is THE biggest skydiving center in Canada. Located near by Joliette it offers skydiving jumps as well as classes for the most courageous ones who would want to become solo divers one day!


Simple and clean designs, WEHERE is a local clothing brand that has already opened doors across some of the biggest malls in Quebec AND Ontario. WE HERE or what!!?


This local clothing brand was founded in 2021, MY BAD makes cool and funny designs on their clothes that are GUARANTEED to make you smile.

15.MTL Jerky

The people’s beef – that’s the vision of MTL JERKY. Dry meat fans will be absolutely charmed by this low-fat Canadian beef and it surely won’t leave your stomach empty.

16.MTL B-Board

If you have never tried the B-BOARD it’s got to happen at JACKALOPE! MTL B-BOARD makes the best balance boards, using local materials. It’s THE ideal complement to any kind of board activities! Check our article here.


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17.Zig Zag sports

A family business based in St-Hyacinthe that makes promotional clothing for all kinds of needs – your garage hockey league, your business’ uniforms and so much more!


Whether you are chilling in your living room or soaking up the sun on the patio, nothing beats the comfort of a BEAN BAG and ARICO offers an amazing selection of bean bags for all occasions in all kinds of sizes! Made in Québec!


DAY TRIPP has been specializing in TIE-DYE clothing. The tie-dye trend has been one the most popular and consistent style trends of the past decades and is here to stay. DAY TRIPP creates psychedelic looking designs using energizing colors


In 2023, Terrebonne will turn 350 years old! 350 years of history! Expect some fun festivities to celebrate its founders and highlight some of the city’s most memorables moments. The city will host the Jackalope Block Party on July 7-8, 2023! Stay tuned.


Unique looking clothes that will make you want to pack up and travel the world. Chido means good vibrations, it promotes well being and brings a sense of infinity. Their clothes are handmade in the beautiful city of Sayulita in Mexico.


The Eugene brothers define UNLIKE as a movement, a community whose mission is to help people make their best version of themselves shine and encourage well-being – all that through unique and honorable apparel.


This Canadian skate brand was founded by 3 friends whose mission was to offer locally made products using eco-friendly materials. Inspired by Canadian energy, they believe our country is a big 100% skatable playground.


All the way from Lévis, Québec, Maman Hippie Brand is a brand by women for women! Comfy lady accessories ethically made who will surely help you bring out your hippie energy 🙂

25.Tiska Design

Tiska Design offers some really cool AZTEK inspired one-of-one fleece clothes. Get in touch with the creator for commissioning your own personal custom piece!


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26. Case&co​

Case & Co, is an innovative and ecological solution that changes the way we brush our teeth! Made in Quebec, these little toothpaste pucks are waste and water free options using safe ingredients, not animal tested, vegan AND they will make sure your mouth stays healthy!

27.Creations Yarox

Wood craft artist, Yarox creates a variety of unique wood made items, specializing in wooden BOW TIES!? The perfect accessory to complete your fancy looks or gifting to someone special ahead of an event.

28. Pic bois skateboard

Founded in 2016 in the beautiful region of Mauricie, Pic Bois Skateboard makes vintage looking skateboards using special handmade techniques that give their boards a look you won’t see twice!

Whether you are looking for a new board, that new unique piece for your wardrobe, you are thirsty, hungry OR you simply want to discover new brands, make sure to stop by the POP-UP shop area at JACKALOPE!