Kanya Sesser, an inspiring and badass athlete

August 1, 2023 / By yann

Kanya Sesser is badass like few others on this planet. She has always been different, she has always had a lot of energy. Nothing could stop her from becoming an international athlete and model! She embodies boldness, so it is going to be great to see her skate the bowl in her own unique way.

Here is her story in a nutshell: 30 years ago, she was born in Thailand and dropped off in front of a Buddhist temple when she was just a few days old. People took good care of her and then, at the age of 5, she was adopted by a family on the west coast of the United States. She grew up in Portland, where she discovered skateboarding (and skiing and surfing too). She now rides for the Quebec skateboard company Pic bois and she says the ability to get around on wheels changed her life and her relationship with the world. Now it’s her turn to change lives by skateboarding and inspiring people to believe in their dreams!

We asked her a few questions to find out more about one of the 2023 edition’s guests of honor

  What do you like most about skateboarding: it is a lifestyle that you can enjoy by yourself or together as a community of being free on a board.

A competitive moment that has marked you: When I was competing at the 2022 Dew Tour against the girls adaptive skate for street skateboarding, I got second place and I did a trick that was beyond of what I would have done which was the rail and did a Ollie at the end. That gave me bruised up rib but it was worth it and it put an impact on me for skateboarding of that picture of me on the rail to be part of this skateboard museum in Irvine.


What kind of music or artist do you like to listen to when you skate?I like listening to Drake, Jack Harlow, Juice World, Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 Album playlist mixes.

Triple question about tricks:
 A trick you really like: 5-O
A trick you want to learn: Hand kick flip or Ollie high like Felipe Nunes. Whatever trick he has done I want to learn and do. Lol
A trick you’ll probably never do (why?) I probably wouldn’t want to do the loop.

5. Can you describe a perfect session:  A perfect Session would have to be with my skater soulmate Chad, my brother Al and Red beard, going to different DIY spots all day and hitting up empty pools.

6. What would you know about Montréal and/or the people who live there? I know that Montreal is really pretty.

 7. If you weren’t skateboarding, what sport would you be most interested in? I feel like I would be snowboarding or mono skiing a lot over skating if my work and lifestyle isn’t just skateboarding but I get paid to be a badass with no legs on a skateboard.

8. In what frame of mind are you going to arrive at Jackalope 2023, and what do you have to say to the people who are coming to watch the competition? Be amazed by how incredible all these skaters are and especially seeing me skating it will blow their minds to have an open perspective in the skateboarding world knowing that anything is possible and that skateboarding makes people happy!