DESJARDINS relaxation zone and obstacle course

August 2, 2023 / By jean

Dive into a family adventure with the Desjardins obstacle course! A fun experience that will bring together all generations for moments of pure shared happiness!

At the heart of this physically challenging course, adults will take on their children to prove that they’ve lost none of their cool attitude! Laughter and complicity guaranteed!

And because magical moments deserve to be immortalised, the Desjardins photobooth will capture your dazzling smiles so you can see them again. A little souvenir will also be waiting for you to take home.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! When you need a break, the Desjardins Relaxation Zone will welcome you with a large shaded area where you can sit back and recharge your batteries.


Join us for a day full of laughter, challenges and magical family moments at the Desjardins Obstacle Course! Get ready to experience memorable moments and create wonderful memories at the JACKALOPE 2023 Festival!