JACKALOPE Montreal 2023, an improved concept for the skateboard competition and lots of new features

July 6, 2023 / By admin

It’s a great pleasure to announce the 11th Jackalope skateboard competition this year in Montreal, with many new features to ensure the best possible show.

We travel the world and stay on the lookout for all the innovations to help advance the sport and give the best to athletes. So, by listening to your comments and discussing with our passionate community, we’ve made a number of changes this year to bring all the intensity we can.

Read on to find out what is in store for 2023!

Gratos amigos!

The event will be open to all spectators free of charge this year! Cool, isn’t it? We’re delighted to be able to invite everyone and make a high-caliber event accessible to all. It’s an opportunity to spend the day tripping with the elite of skateboarding athletes and enthusiasts alike. The Jackalope crowd is always very loud, so there’s every reason to believe it’s going to rock this year!

Long live local talent

Supporting local skaters has always been at the heart of our concerns, and this year they’ll be the only ones on board, as we have a very limited list of international guests. Of course, the world’s elite on wheels put on a good show, but as the level of local skaters gets better and better every year, we’re even more confident about the upcoming competition, as we have a top-quality skatepark and a new format that will please competitors and spectators alike.

The concrete skatepark

Speaking of great places to skate, the big Vans skatepark on the Olympic esplanade will be the competitors’ playground this year. This will be the first high-calibre competition in the street section of this new skatepark, so we’re betting we’ll see some tricks we’ve never seen before! The space available, the quality of the obstacles and the possibility of practicing all summer long are sure to provide spectators with a very exciting competition!

Innovative competition format

As you know, we’re passionate about providing you with the best possible experience, so we’ve made some changes to the way we compete. Without getting too technical, here’s one of the main differences: instead of having a set number of tries (usually 5) to land the best trick, participants will have a few minutes in jam format to land all the tricks they can, and only the best three will be counted. It’s a tried and tested format that puts less pressure on the athletes and allows spectators to see more successful tricks.

The pros in the bowl

Notable guests such as Pedro Barros, Mitchie Brusco and our local vertiginous star, Phil Dulude, will be invited along with all the other participants to perform in a cash-for-tricks best trick events in the bowl, sponsored by Pabst and also on the street course, sponsored by Swatch. More than $6,000 will be awarded in total during the best tricks, and we have $3,500 for first place in the men’s and women’s categories. Alongside the competition, we’ve kept the demonstration aspect and the chance to ride with top pros by holding best trick events.

All categories invited, and a new invitation to pioneers

As you know, Jackalope is keen to offer equal prize money to men and women, so this is obviously the case this year. To ensure that women’s events don’t run out of time this year, they’ll be put first, and it’s guaranteed that a cloud won’t change the plans. The inclusion of a bowl opens up the possibility of having the pioneers of the scene with us for the weekend. Indeed, a best trick for veterans will be held on Friday evening, so it’ll be a chance to see that we don’t stop skating because of advancing age (it’s age that catches up with us if we stop riding).

See you all in August

Summer always goes by so quickly, and the only good thing about it is that Jackalope is just around the corner (August 25-26-27). In the meantime, skaters can come to the JACKALOPE block party competitions in Terrebonne, Rosemont (Père-Marquette) to win their invitation to Jackalope 2023. We look forward to seeing you at the Olympic Stadium for another epic edition of Jackalope!