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Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman in Atlantic Canada!

August 21, 2019 / By laurie

JACKALOPE action sports festival is coming to the Maritimes ! The Festival promises to deliver adrenaline and thrills when it welcomes to a contingent of elite extreme sports athletes from May 21th to 23rd 2021 at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre in Truro, NS! First, the incomparable Tony Hawk will attract an epic crowd of sensation seekers with his exclusive demo, side by side with BMX legend Mat Hoffman !


JACKALOPE is the largest action sports event in Canada and has been a must see in Montreal’s summer festival season for the past 8 years. It’s a unique festival experience that combines adrenaline and entertainment : vert ramp demos given by legendary athletes, international action sports competitions, bars, food trucks, pop-up shops and exclusive concerts. It brings together many lesser-known urban sports, including skateboarding, BMX riding, bouldering, slacklining and more. One of the objectives of Tribu Expérientiel, its creator, is to make action sports more accessible to both the young and the young at heart and contribute to their ongoing development. It’s a unique opportunity to bring the industry’s key international players together and celebrate the community.


WHAT TO SEE -Watch skateboarding legend TONY HAWK & friends do a demo. -See the BMX rider icon MAT HOFFMAN & friends in action. -Enjoy the SKATEBOARDING contest. -Catch the BOULDERING competition. -Cheer on tomorrow’s riders at Skateboard competition (13 & under) WHAT TO DO – Live music (artist to be announced) – Shop at the pop-up shops – Sample everything at the FOOD TRUCKS – Make it last longer at the AFTER PARTY – Strike some balance with SLACKLINE – Go big and bold and go BOULDERING – Try out the SKATEBOARD mini ramp – And lots more! JACKALOPE not only offers an amazing show and the chance to see the world’s elite athletes, but it also cultivates and promotes local talent. The festival organizes a competition for kids 13 year and under and gives seasoned boarders the chance to shred on the skateboarding installations.  


A JACKALOPE is a mystical, imaginary animal that has the physical attributes of both a jackrabbit and an antelope. A symbol of self-deprecation, the JACKALOPE also inspires creativity, strength and performance. True to its namesake, JACKALOPE is a unique event, an international showcase of raw talent with outright fun and stimulating exchanges


Tribu Expérientiel, the promoter of JACKALOPE, is a creator of sports and urban experiences… as well as a promoter of the lifestyle that goes along with them. TE is behind many sports-entertainment products that bring together more than 100,000 spectators and athletes each year and showcase some fifteen disciplines – right in the heart of cities. Sports or entertainment, Tribu Expérientiel provides an adrenaline rush! JACKALOPE is a Tribu Expérientiel initiative, presented by the Rath Eastlink Community Centre & Events Truro Colchester Follow JACKALOPE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #JACKALOPEFEST Get your tickets now!