8 athletes who will make your heart beat at JACKALOPE MTL 2019

August 6, 2019 / By cecilia

For this 8th edition, we worked very hard to get you “la crème de la crème”. We’ll give you 8 new reasons to prepare your heart for an exciting experience watching these incredible humans defy the laws of gravity.


Elliot Sloan / Skateboard

  • Sloan is a 10 time X Games medalist.
  • He’s considered the 2nd best Big Air skater in the world, right behind Bob Burnquist. That’s why we thought it would be pretty EPIC to have them both riding together in the JACKALOPE vert.  (Saturday 17th, 20:30)
  • He rocks on his guitar as well as he rolls on ramps. He’s the only one who pulled a 360 on a mega ramp with a guitar in hand.

Sandro Diaz / Skateboard

  • This Brazilian pro skater is a world class vert EXPERT.
  • Best known for his high alley oop air tricks and for being one of ten people in the world confirmed to have pulled the 900
  • He’s considered the 540 “king”with more than 13 variations.

Douglas Oliveira / BMX

  • This Brazilian BMX rider is a major inspiration for young people in the action sports industry.
  • One of his life goals: owning the Big Air height record. He beat the previous record at his first X Games, soaring 22 ft., 1 in. Check!
  • Growing up poor in Brazil, he’s hustled jobs since the age of 8. He cried the first time he set foot in the U.S. (at Woodward East in 2013) because it was a dream come true

Jamie Bestwick / BMX

  • This British BMX rider won an incredible 13 gold medals on the Vert at the X Games.
  • He started riding BMX for fun when he was 10 years old. He worked as a mechanic for an airline company in England, but his unique skills quickly led him to  become a professional BMX rider.
  • He won a Laureus World Sports Award for Action Sportsperson of the Year and was nominated for the Best Male Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award


Annie Guglia

  • JACKALOPE 2018 winner, she’s back to defend her gold medal!
  • Annie is an icon and an inspiration for Canadian women skateboarders. She’s worked hard to develop this sport with young women and we’re so grateful for her support.
  • Earlier this year, we followed her in her preparation for the London SLS, dealing with an injury. If you missed it:

Ivan Monteiro

  • This young Brazilian skater won JACKALOPE’s 7th edition world cup AND best tricks (and after that, he literally set the after party on fire, but that stays between us)
  • He ranked 4th for his first X Games in Shanghai 2 months ago
  • Fun fact (not so fun when it happened though): he got his perfect smile after a baaaad injury at the Rio SLS.

Gavin Bottger

  • Gavin has been skating since he was 5 years old and is considered one of the most skilled… He’s now 12 years old!
  • 12 years old…and 136K followers on Instagram.
  • He has 2 passions: skateboarding (duh!) and bacon!! That explains his Instagram nickname: *sk8inbaconbeast

Andy Anderson 

  • Not only is he Canadian, he’s also one of the best hopes for street discipline at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  • Sweedish manuals, jaywalking, pogo sticking and skywalking are part of Andy’s portfolio. He definitely invented his own skating style inspired by street & old school. He is considered as one of the most creative skaters in the world.
  • Fun fact: He drives an ambulance and plays piano