July 6, 2023 / By jean

Like every year, JACKALOPE launches its JACKALOPE BLOCK PARTY summer tour, amateur competitions across Canada, to find the country’s best skateboarders and invite them to take part in the Montreal JACKALOPE Festival.

To kick off the tour, the first 2023 event was held in LEDUC, in western Canada. On the programme, 3 categories of competitors faced off in a Jam format on the Leduc skatepark.

Beginners Category
Category Advanced Women
Men’s Advanced Category

The weather was temperamental, but our athletes gave it their all to stand out from the rest, in an atmosphere of solidarity in the face of difficult conditions.

The beginners kicked off the competition in style, putting in some great tricks on the rail! In the end, it was Oliver McNeal who came out on top, ahead of Luke Hickie and Dominic Potter.

 Beginner’s Podium:

1. Oliver McNeal

2.Luke Hickie

3.Dominic Potter

After enjoying the food from our food trucks at lunchtime, the competition continued in the afternoon with the contest jam in the advanced men’s category.

Despite heavy rain forcing the competition to be interrupted, it finally resumed with determined riders.

Offering more original tricks, Jayson Guenther took first place ahead of Daniel Fujinaga in second and Trevor Martin, in third.

Advanced Men’s podium:

1. Jayson Guenther

2. Daniel Fujinaga

3. Trevor Martin


To round off the day, the advanced women’s competition could not take the form of a contest jam because of the weather conditions.

So we’ve adapted this competition into a skateboarding G.A.M.E format.

Following this format, Sarah Galeano came out on top for a chance to win the Golden Ticket to JACKALOPE Montréal, followed by Siena White and Violet Whyte.

Podium Advanced Women’s category:

1. Sarah Galeano

2. Siena White 

3. Violet Whyte

See you on 7-8 July in Terrebonne and on 15 July in Rosemont 🔥🛹