Heh Skateboard – A fast growing local brand.

April 21, 2021 / By yann

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These boards with a smiley face between two parentheses are everywhere nowadays right? They are produced by the local skateboard brand Heh (click here to hear how to pronounce the name) and that smiley face represents them perfectly. The following article is about a small brand that is getting big. A brand that started with a couple of friends wanting to have their own skateboard graphics that turned out to be a fast growing local brand.

Skating with friends

It was an organic birth in 2017 when a group of friends found a name and a logo without really trying to. The logo is simply a doodle that Luis, one of the cofounders used to make on his griptape because he does not like black griptape. The name is simply the sound that Luis’ friend made one day while a camera was pointed at him. That name and that doodle are now the official identity of a brand that the youth now wear proudly. The reason for their success also seems to be the open minded, friendly, laid back attitude of the two cofounders Luis Vado and Etienne Trudeau. These two and a bunch of friendly team riders make friends wherever they go and have a session and this attitude is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the brand.

Sharing the passion

The skate culture can sometimes be intimidating for someone who is just starting to roll and there are no welcoming committees at skateparks. However, the Heh guys are making a special effort to make everyone feel that they belong where they are. They share their passion for skateboarding with enthusiasm with all of whom they meet at le Taz skatepark where both cofounders work as skate coaches. They also always have a positive and friendly attitude during the numerous events, demos and street sessions in which they take part. You may also have run into them in the recent years of JACKALOPE where they gave initiation courses in the mini ramp or maybe you had the chance to chat with them at their boot.

The film Heh: the ultimate recognition

A month ago, the local brand has reached a sacred rite of passage for a skateboard brand which is to put out a full length video. After three years of filming, they finally went full circle with the video production. It all started as a few friends documenting their skating and a youtube channel but it has now become a full video starring team riders and their homies published by one of the main national skateboard media Kingskatemag. The link for the video at the bottom of this page.

Heh, friends!

Since both JACKALOPE and Heh like to gather people and have a good time. We went and picked the brain of the skaters featured in the video to get to know more about these friendly dudes. We asked them to talk about their teammates and here is what they had to say: “The guys are super friendly and also beasts. They are like a family to me. The fact that Heh is a local brand makes me proud. I see kids riding Heh boards all the time. It’s sick.” “Louka can ride anything anywhere with the biggest smile on his face. He has a deep bag of tricks so he can always find something to do no matter what kind of spots you bring him to.” “We were always together last summer for the video and Luis was always very supportive since the day he put me on the team.” “Alex Vaillancourt has risked his life for the video. He would always find something sketchy and dangerous and he can take a couple deadly slams before he lands his trick.” “Yohan is caml but so good. He reminds me a Nyjah.” “Luis is always so patient when we go out filming.” “Despite the Covid situation, Emile is always practicing and getting better by skating in his basement or the flatground in front of his house. ” “Luis and Etienne, the owners are very generous and well organized. They are really cool. When they show up on a session it’s always a blast.”

Heh x JACKALOPE – A natural fit

The much talked about collaborative skateboard deck designed by Luis borrows the colors of JACKALOPE but is also a tribute to the riders of the team because the graphic includes a bunch of silhouettes pulled out from the frames of the action shots in the recent video. You can see/buy the board here. “I’m really stoked on this project. I entered the JACKALOPE contest many times and it was good times with all the people during the contest and at the party after. Heh and JACKALOPE is a natural fit. That graphic is sick.” “JACKALOPE is the reason why I love going to events so much. I have had the chance to see many of my idols in action and when Tony Hawk came in 2017  I was so fired up by his performance that I found the courage to skate the 12 foot vert ramp! Respect JACKALOPE.”

What’s next ?

No one knows what the future holds but there is one thing that is absolutely certain: the Heh guys will continue to skate, make videos, and support the local scene in Montreal. They are ambitious and the heart is at the right place so we wish you to meet them at a skatepark near you. Even by keeping a safe distance they will find a way to include you in the session and share the passion. Have a look at the Le Film Heh here