What to Drink at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach

April 29, 2024 / By audreane

Discover the special selection of beverages offered by our partners at JACKALOPE Virginia Beach. Whatever your favorite drink is, you’ll find one to suit your tastes and desires!

Here’s an overview of each of the beloved brands

Michelob Ultra is a low-calorie, low-carb light beer designed for active and health-conscious individuals. This crowd-pleasing domestic beer is the best of both worlds!

Beach Day is a bright tasting beverage ideal for those who love sweet and fruity drinks and want to elevate their experience without drinking something too strong. Drink and enjoy the festivities!


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Kona Big Wave is a smooth craft beer inspired by Hawaii’s legendary waves. Its refreshing, island-inspired taste will add a vibrant touch to your celebration. Taste that vacation feeling with each sip!

Nütrl is a Canadian vodka based ready-to-drink brand produced from spring water from British Columbia. Its vodka is distilled to obtain a light and refreshing canned drink that will perfectly suit cocktail lovers.


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Chesapeake Bay Distillery, led by owner and master distiller Chris Richeson, is renowned for crafting award-winning, high-quality spirits using innovative techniques like the stacked-column still. Their commitment to precision and artistry ensures each sip delivers a unique and exceptional experience. This local distillery’s products will be carefully mixed to offer a delicious variety of cocktails featured in the VIP bars, ie. the Jackalope Crush! Make sure to get your VIP pass so you can get a taste of Virginia’s finest amidst the excitement of the competitions, right next to the athletes!

Jarritos offers a thirst-quenching lineup of authentic sodas from Mexico with unique all-natural flavors such as tamarind, mango, and pineapple. Made with real cane sugar and bursting with vibrant taste, Jarritos perfectly complements the high-energy atmosphere of JACKALOPE.

JACKALOPE water bottles were created to keep you hydrated all weekend while supporting athletes. Not only are they reusable, profits will fund the trip of athletes all around the world to next JACKALOPE editions. Help us make dreams come true!

Monster Energy is the drink of choice for those who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage. Unleash the beast in you! Their energy drinks will be sampled and distributed in a variety of flavors and will boost your energy levels up all weekend so you can keep the party going.


Let’s raise a toast to all our beverage partners who brought their A-game to JACKALOPE Virginia Beach. We’re grateful for their support and excited to have them with us. Get ready to have a good time.