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“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

BASE jumping is an extreme sport consisting of parachute jumping from a fixed point. Athletes in this discipline find their adrenaline mainly from exploring new places and the challenges they present.

JUMP OFF’s series is about opening doors to new playgrounds, straight out of the wishlist of Quebec’s best athletes.

Each episode reveals a new place, with its challenges.

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JUMP OFF / King’s Crane

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Episode 2
There’s nothing new in seeing the JUMP OFF team jump off  the Olympic stadium tower, or from the Cité de l'énergie in Shawinigan, but have you ever seen our athletes do acrobatic tricks from a crane’s basket suspended at 344 feet into the sky? The Gaétan Roy Crane Rental’s field in Chelsea was transformed into an aerial playground for one day. (Length : 7min50sec)

JUMP OFF / Project 666

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Episode 1
On June 6th, he celebrated his 66th birthday. For the occasion, he had given himself three objectives to achieve, including a BASE jump from a 330-foot structure just as the moon was shining brightly behind him. It was the most technical and most poetic jump he accomplished. Bertrand dreamt of the moon so we went and got it for him. (Length : 7min23s)