For or against the fanny pack?

February 23, 2021 / By nicolas

3 minute read
Some want to see them disappear forever, others are ecstatic since their return…one thing is certain, fanny packs leave no one indifferent. The fanny pack has been the laughing stock in the fashion world in the 2000s. But since 2017, no more prejudices, long live convenience. The reality is that the fanny pack is a timeless item. Did you know that the fanny pack has been around since the 1950s? It was originally designed for skiers and was sold in the Sports Illustrated catalog. But no one has ever worn the fanny pack as well as The Rock…
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No one can dispute its practicality

Today, the fanny pack is used in many different circumstances. Artists have popularized its use. Some wear it around the waist, while others wear it hung across the chest. Just as popular with Sunday hikers as with skaters looking for their next spot, the fanny pack allows us to combine practicality with an impeccable look. Our friends at IMMENSE Lifestyle have concocted a brand new item in collaboration with JACKALOPE.
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“We thought it was something very practical for everyday use, especially because it’s not too big or too small,” explains Antony Kossi, who can easily hold your phone, your keys, your pack of cigarettes!” It has been designed to be as cool as it is resistant. Made of waterproof material, it can withstand all types of traumas that an active daily life can cause. You will have understood, we are ALL IN with the fanny pack. The JACKALOPE team has already integrated it as an indispensable accessory in all our adventures. Not only will this item be available soon on our website, but the IMMENSE team is currently preparing its new collection called “Gouache” that will bring a little color to these gray moments that we are going through. To shop for your IMMENSE x JACKALOPE fanny pack, clic here. To see more about IMMENSE it’s here https://youtu.be/DlGvevLbfrU