Everything you need to know about the bouldering competition on the beach !

March 15, 2023 / By audreane

Climbing on the Beach

Some competitions take place over water, but few are held on a Virginia beach. The Send It Gym team and Jeff Eckert will be hosting this outdoor climbing event, which will be divided into two interesting parts: a high-level competition and one adapted for all adrenaline enthusiasts. Don’t have the necessary equipment? Don’t panic, we will lend you climbing shoes on site for only 5 USD.

Read on to learn more about the competition format, prizes to be won, and the highlights that are planned.

Three Different Aspects of Climbing

What to expect? A special section to learn about this discipline, a high-level competition, and a strong and unique event. Of course, this event will end with the finals, but throughout the festival, there will be opportunities to learn about the sport with tips and under the supervision of the Send It Gym crew. A piece of advice: don’t miss the DYNO competition, an event where athletes will jump from one hold to another. It’s a spectacular and impressive format for both experts and novices.

Competition format 

This is a first in Virginia, and it will be the biggest event of its kind with Send It Gym. Friday will be dedicated to amateur entertainment, while professional events will take place on Saturday and Sunday. We will follow the competition format that we see in events of this kind: qualifications will be open to all, but only about twenty athletes will be selected for the semi-finals, and even fewer for the finals. As it should be, finalists will not be able to watch their opponents’ ascents. In short, we expect a very high level of competition.

The wall and the prizes

To win $10,000, you will have to climb well! We are looking for the strongest and fastest to distribute fairly to the men’s and women’s categories. We are talking about $2,500 for first place and $1,000 for the DYNO competition, for each spectacular movement. The famous 25-meter wide wall will be set up on the beach and will make more than one person sweat.

Come climb, come learn, come cheer

There is a big invitation to all the climbers in the area but also to anyone interested. And if you’re passing through JACKALOPE, don’t miss the ever more spectacular finals. If this discipline is becoming more and more popular, you might be the next person to try it out. We’ll be waiting for you!