6 best things to do for your skate trip to Miami

January 31, 2022 / By audreane

Last November, we went on a skate trip to Miami with Johnny Purcell, the winner of our JACKALOPE UP NEXT 2021 tour, and Jayden Bono, winner of a tour stop, for the #MiamiOpen.

We had a lot of fun, saw an alligator, skated one of the nicest skatepark we’ve seen and ate some great food. Here are 6 things to do if you go on a skate trip in Miami with your buddies.

1. La Sandwicherie in Miami Beach

After a big street session in Miami Beach, we strongly advise you to go eat a good sandwich at La Sandwicherie.  The best of the French savoir-faire in Miami without breaking the bank.

2. Airboat tour in the Everglades

If you don’t have “airboat tour in the Everglades” on your bucket list, add it right now! Being on an airboat is a pretty special feeling and it’s not every day you get to see crocodiles this close in the wild. And since there is no engine underneath the boat, you can go very deep into the swamp. It is completely insane. Petit conseil: We really enjoyed our experience with the Everglades Nature Tours company. The guides know exactly what they’re talking about, and they’re super respectful of the environment

3. Skateboarding at the lot11 skatepark

This is in our opinion one of the most beautiful skateparks we have ever seen! This skatepark of almost 50 000 square feet includes a skate plaza, two unique street courses and a huge bowl. Simply put, this is the spot to be creative.

4. Wynwood

We loved skateboarding in Wynwood with the art deco, pop up shops, stores, restaurants and bars at night. The atmosphere is really sick during the day as well as in the evening. You can certainly get some great shots for your part there!

5. Eating at Grails Restaurant & Bar

Grails is a unique experience. Inside, there’s a sports lounge filled with artwork and rare shoes on display. You wouldn’t think you were in a restaurant. Outside on the terrace, you get to experience a vibe worthy of Miami Vice, with absolutelyinsane drinks, shishas on every table and unique dishes. In short, you have to see it to believe it.

6. Se baigner à Miami Beach, un incontournable

Who doesn’t like to go swimming in the sea? Here in Miami Beach the sea is very clear, clean and warm. The best way to relax and recover after days of skateboarding.. Not to mention that the sunrises/sunsets are incredible. It’s definitely worth getting up a little early to see the sunrise. Let’s say it’s a good way to start your day.
If this doesn’t convince you to go to Miami for your next skate trip, our video might change your mind.