5 Things You Should Know About Bob Burnquist

5 Things You Should Know About Bob Burnquist

June 17, 2019 / By cecilia

That’s right: BOB BURNQUIST will be at JACKALOPE! We picked 5 facts you should know about this skateboard legend.

1- One of the best skaters in the world

10 times World Champion 30 X-Games Medals 7 times Best Skater of the Year

2- Trick inventor

He’s known for his creativity on skate installations, but especially for his innovative ramp moves and feats. He invents a lot of tricks, and for some, he’s still the only one in the world who can pull them off.

3- A dreamland in the backyard

Dreamland is the name of the incredible skate park he built in his backyard, which became a breeding ground for many records over the years. A solid number of skate legends have been through here, like Tony Hawk and Danny Way. His skate park also includes a mega ramp, which remains one of the only permanent ones in the world.

4- A real adrenaline junkie

Bob Burnquist is also a licensed skydiver and enjoys base jumping, whether in the Grand Canyon or his backyard, over at his skate park. He lives for the excitement and adrenaline. He was the first to invent a trick involving a helicopter!

5- Next stop: Montreal…

at JACKALOPE! You can’t miss this!