5 good reasons to discover Mont Adstock

March 29, 2022 / By audreane

For the past 4 years, Mathieu Desmarais, CEO, and his entire team have given a new lease on life to Mont Adstock in Thetford Mines. This mountain, a few hours from Montreal, is a well hidden treasure. If you like to play outside in the winter, whatever your thing is, at Mont Adstock, there is something for everyone! Skiing/snowboarding, touring, park, snowshoeing, name it. To try it is to adopt it. Here are 5 good reasons to discover Mont Adstock.

1-The 360° view from the summit (800m)
The mountain has 28 trails and an backcountry sector. There are two summits; the one at the top of the lift and the one in the backcountry sector. The only way to get there is by touring, snowshoeing or hiking in the summer. On the other hand, at the top of this one, you have an incredible 360 view.

And for those who are cold, the mountain has a main chalet and two huts to keep warm: at the bottom of the slopes, in the backcountry sector and at the top of the lift.

2-An backcountry sector that grows every year
An backcountry sector has been developed on the northeast side of the mountain with 5 trails for climbing in the woods with three backcountry trails and a marked exit trail. They are all natural snow trails. It is truly a little paradise for touring addict.

It is also possible to use the lift to get to the touring area more quickly for those days when you want to play in the powder for longer without tiring your legs on the way up.

3-Après-ski is unique
For dinner or après-ski, there are many choices. From insane tacos at the “Les Babines Alpines” food truck to comfort food at the pub in the chalet at the bottom of the slopes, add to that the warm welcome of the locals, and you’ll never want to leave!

4-Snowpark with 14 modules
The 2 snowpark are beginner/intermediate type with a total of 14 modules and some jumps. There is a baby park at the exit of the chairlift and a bigger park at mid-mountain. Really, the snowpark was designed to create new park enthusiasts.

5-Accommodations at the foot of the slopes
What’s really cool about Mont Adstock is that there are accommodations for everyone. You want to sleep in your van, sleep in a small ski in/ski out hut, sleep in a chalet or treat yourself to a little luxury in a hotel? Everything is possible!

The Halte Go Van is located right next to the slopes and can accommodate 50 vans in total. And when you camp there, you’ll have free access to the hiking trails, to the toilets and showers inside the main chalet and to the gathering area where you can build a fire and use the BBQ. However, you must reserve your spot online in advance.

The CoolBox are unique and completely self-contained shelters that can accommodate up to 5 people. They are exactly like mini houses and offer all the amenities you need (toilet, shower, electricity and water). If you want to get away to nature, this is for you!

Bullard Cottages are located at the base of the ski hill and are affordable for everyone. The chalets can accommodate between 6 and 13 people. It’s perfect for ski trips with your gang! And for the ski/snow enthusiasts who want a little more luxury, several hotels are available not far from the mountain.

Cherry on the cake, if you’re lucky, you might even run into the mountain’s mascot, the beautiful Nala!

We also have proof on video: