Our volunteers

Every year, volunteers support JACKALOPE’s crew to help us create a unique experience.
You’re an action sports addict? You’re a smart cookie and full of energy? Join the family now!



I’m a skateboard addict and JACKALOPE is the place to be to support my favorite athletes while gaining experience in major events production with a great team.

Benjamin / Volunteer at JACKALOPE


Experience JACKALOPE

You’ll have the chance to enjoy the festival on your free time.

Being Part of the Crew

It’s an opportunity to gain experience while working behind the scenes of a major festival production. Free meals during your shifts and a JACKALOPE hat and t-shirt as a bonus.

Exclusive Access to TRIBU CREW Events

Come party with us! You’ll have exclusive access to the JACKALOPE after-party and to TRIBU CREW private events.

Jackalope Volunteers

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Jackalope Volunteers